Notice of Completion

This is the Levelset blog page for articles about notice of completion. Notices of completion set a firm end date for construction projects, and they could have a hefty impact on your deadline to file a mechanics lien.

Owners file notices of completion, otherwise known as notices of cessation, to show that a project has been completed. Apart from affecting the release of retainage and other parts of a project, notices of completion almost always affect the deadline to file a lien. Sometimes, this could mean cutting the amount of time you have to file in half.

Such an example can be found in California. The normal mechanics lien deadline is 90 days after the completion of work; however, if a notice of completion is filed, that deadline gets shortened to 30 days. Each state has its own rules regarding notices of completion, so that deadline doesn’t apply everywhere. The states that use notices of completion include Alaska, Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Tennessee, and Utah.

If you live in one of those states and you need help with notices of completion (like many contractors often do), browse the articles about notice of completion below. Alternatively, you can ask a question on the Expert Center for free to get personal legal advice from a construction attorney or payment specialist.

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