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Will my lien be valid?


I am a material supplier and started supplying materials to a general contractor/owner. They did not give us much information in the beginning in order to properly set up an account, but in researching we found we have actually been placing orders through the owner of a Washington apartment complex investment company. Partway through the project he gave us a business name, other than what we had. This business is a valid contractor, we changed the account name so future bills would show appropriately. The owner investment company is registered with the name of the individual we have been placing orders through. The contractor business he gave partway through the project is under a different name, but in researching there are similar addresses connecting the two (strange though is that DOR website and L&I have different addresses for each). We have now sent a notice to lien and it looks like we may need to file a lien, but with all these account changes I am worried about how strong our case will be with a lien. I should also note I didn't file a pre lien notice until just before sending intent to lien notice so one of my invoices they own on isn't covered (although I believe with the fact that we have been placing the orders with the owner of the property we may still be covered). I imagine this will be a difficult case, but hoping to get some insight.

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