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Who is allowed to put a lien on my property?

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Anonymous contractor
Sep 1, 2020

I recently purchased a fixer-upper with my past boyfriend. I put down the earnest money and the down payment and supplies the materials as well as supplied him a place to live with food, laundry and other comforts of life. He proceeded to work on the house for a total of about 10 days off and on. When he walked off the project in July he left the house up on jacks as we were leveling the house as well as he started roofing the house and never finish so it’s under a bunch of tarps at the moment. As well as any of the plumbing he touched he made worse (Creates new drips)as the house is a 1040’s home and the pipes are all very old. I have had an attorney send a demand letter and this said attorney has not connected with me to let me know what is currently happening. I don’t know if I should just sit here and wait or if I need to be out collecting evidence to support my case or does the SISTER even have a case and why am I being bothered with this?!!! How can a SISTER that has had NOTHING to do with this home have any rights to put a lien on MY property?! Please help! I don’t know what else to do!

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