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What is my next step in the process?

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I'm a contractor located in Northern California. I just filed a NOI after having a payment dispute with a customer who has now taken steps to go after my surety bond and filed a complaint against my license. I have attempted to resolve this matter with the homeowner with no luck. I have paid out of pocket for materials as well as subcontractors and then get kicked off property with no payment. At this point, I have notified the bond company not to pay out. What's next?

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Feb 3, 2021
It sounds like you should record a mechanic's lien if you still have time to do so. If not, you can still file a complaint against the homeowner to collect the money that you are due. I can help you if you need help.
Feb 4, 2021

Since you have some time before having to file suit (90 days from recording of the lien), I would have an attorney review your contract to see what rights you have and liabilities you face. Litigation is expensive so you want to ensure that you have a realistic option to recover.  


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