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What if there’s no contract signed from either party?

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I’m working for a gc he subs out work to me ,I had originally told him I would quote him by Job but he said that it was too much to work by hour and send him in the hours tooken afterwards,now he don’t want to pay and says it’s too much and keeps beating around the bush bringing up older job ,, but there is no contract signed from either party, the building where we worked Is like offices for lease so does that matter ? And also I don’t have Insurance established ,,,what are my chances on getting paid ?

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Nov 28, 2021

You ask "what are my chances [of] getting paid" by a GC for whom you did work. There is a lot to unpack here:

  • First, if your question is whether the GC owes you for work, the answer is "Yes." But the remedy is a direct action against the General for breach of contract, unjust enrichment, possible breach of fiduciary duty, etc.
  • Second, this forum is generally about Mechanics Liens. That is how you ensure payment from the owner of the property - which may be addressed directly by the owner, or may result in presure being put on the GC to pay you. 

Overall, your best course of action is to both perfect your Mechanics Lien rights against the owner of the property, and to sue the GC in order to secure payment directly. I hope that this information was helpful. Best of luck!


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