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What can I do to collect for a GC or home owner

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I sub a bathroom remodel from a GC. We had a verbal agreement the day I was done he would pay me. The project has been done for a while but the home owner and the GC are at it over receipts. Bottom line I am stuck in the middle. I need to get paid. I need to know my options and find a attorney that will tack on his fees to help me get my money

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Aug 31, 2020


Your first objective is to evaluate your lien deadlines and get a lien filed against the house.

If you are unable to file a lien or just want to jump straight to the good stuff, you can send the demand letter and file the lawsuit for breach of contract, etc.

I will let you know it is going to be very difficult to find an attorney who will take this type of case on contingency. There are two parts of a lawsuit: Winning & Collecting. It is possible that you win this suit but neither the homeowner nor the GC have any assets that can be seized in collection.

If you would like to discuss further, feel free to reach out.

E. Aaron Cartwright III


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