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What are our options

WashingtonPayment Disputes

Our contractor walked off for what he says is non payment. When in fact he was paid a lot of money. Now here’s the catch. One of his employees did a lot of work on our house that he should not have. He “ installed “ our brand new flooring wrong. He also took four days to paint five cabinets. The flooring had to be completely ripped up because he never finished the sub flooring and it was buckling. In the process of ripping it up they ruined it. He also put up a lot of drywall that all had to be completely ripped out and redone. Now we had paid for all the materials and for all the time that was worked even though we were not happy with the quality of the work. We confronted our contractor who said he would fix the flooring and all the other things that were done incorrectly. But once the contractor finally showed up and saw all the damage. He wanted five thousand dollars for the work he did . He walked in on the Thursday the week before Christmas and wanted the money right then. When we told him that we would give him three thousand now, but we wanted a complete breakdown of all the hours, who worked when and what they did. He packed up his tools and said he wouldn’t work anymore because we were not paying him. He even showed up at our insurance company office demanding they pay him. Since he walked off we have had a chance to really look at the work he did, which is terrible. Nothing is level or plum. Many of the cabinets are damaged, there are screws coming thru the side destroying the countertop and many many more problems. Just to replace the flooring is going to cost us another four grand. Out toilet is in our backyard,we have no shower, our kitchen is unusable. And that’s just the start of what is wrong. Can you please advise us of our rights and what we should do.

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Dec 28, 2020
If he is a licensed contractor, you can bring a claim against his contractor's bond for poor workmanship.

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