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Time Frame for a Prime to submit a subcontractor's invoice

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I have a question regarding the Prime's delay in submitting a subcontractor's invoices to a vendor for payment. My business provided work for a Prime contractor. They are now rejecting invoices that are over 1 year old, even though we submitted these invoices in a timely fashion. Is there any requirement for a Prime to submit all invoices for service provided within a certain time frame? Or can a Prime hold onto a subcontractor's invoices, without submitting them to the state, for an indefinite period of time? TIA

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Aug 4, 2022
IF this is a public job, you can lien the funds due the GC under section 23 of the Mechanic Lien Act. Yuou may also ahve a claim against the GC's bond.
Aug 5, 2022
Depends on the contract; in the absence of a time frame specified in the contract, the court would imply a reasonable time requirement.
Aug 5, 2022
This is a complicated question that invokes the terms of your contract with the general. the general's contract with the agency and the contractor's prompt payment act. It is also unclear what you mean by the invoices not having been submitted to a vendor

In general, if the GC has been paid for your labor or materials and did not pay you without just cause, you are entitled to interest on the claim at the rate of 2% per month or any part thereof from 15 days after the GC received payment for your work.

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