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Rights to deposit when customer cancels

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Hello, im from Puerto Rico, general contractor for residential remodels, LLC, licensed/certified with DACO(bonded). Was working with an investor/foreigner since September, who purchased a property under his LLC, and was supposed to provide all the remodel necessary. Provided multiple quotes, and verbal agreements, which resulted from an original estimate of about 50k potentially turned into a under 5k, after all the time and services provided from estimates, to translating to name a few. Less than a week, received an email requesting a refund stating he would only be doing the general repairs, which is what the actual invoice he agreed and paid on was about, reduced from a medium size rehab down to the general/basic repairs, yet still requested a refund. No actual contract was signed. There is a draft of what was supposed to be the contract, prior to him continuing reducing the original scope discussed. I would just like to be compensated at-least for the time and services that was actually provided since September. But going on my 2nd yr in business, and have no debt or overhead, so definitely will avoid at all cost any stress and loss of piece. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Jan 25, 2023
Hi, thank you for reaching out to the Levelset legal community. Unfortuantely there are currently no attorneys in the Levelset network who practice law in Puerto Rico. Also, your question is very detailed and situational, so it may not be ideal for an attorney to answer it in this public forum. It may be more prudent to consider consulting an attorney in your area directly at their office. 
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