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Question is in details

CaliforniaMechanics Lien

I contacted property owner to see if they were interested in selling property they have not been to in many years and was told yes and agreed on 17k and was told to go ahead and do what I wanted to do with it as it was mine now ,so I did tons of tree work to get up to city ordinance. I have many hours of labor and receipts from hiring others for services. There’s well over 10 k in my time and hired time. As time went on I tried to pay cash to owner but she wanted a realtor to drive with me 4 hours away to fo papers and I don’t know any realtors willing do go so I had one contract her . She then would not answer calls for a month or so then she did and said everything is good but she now wants more. I agreed to the new price of 18 k because it’s connected to my property and I don’t want anyone else to build in my view. Then I don’t hear from her until she and her son in law and his wife show up at my house and we discussed me attempting to pay her over and over and they agreed to call me to discuss more about everything because I think the woman is not 100% comprehensive. I have attempted contacting all of them many times but no response so I don’t know what’s going on and afraid they will sell it while I have already invested much time and money into property . What do I do?

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