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If I can file a lien

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I was contracted by an individual to install 18 five foot by twelve concrete pads for a disc golf course in victor Colorado. There was a written contract and yes I am a state registered business. In that contract it states we use progressive billing and had been using that. Once we had finished the job I was told the customer couldn't pay that day perhaps the next day. That next day came and I was told he was having a function so we needed to meet up after that. The day we were to meet I was told via text message he wasn't going to pay the last invoices of $2800. So after going back and forth for a day he then stated he was only going to pay $1300 due to work not being good and that's not true matter of fact he used a pic of my pad on his website. Now he is saying since I agreed to accept the $1300 he didn't owe me anything. Can I file a lien?

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Oct 26, 2021

Yes, you can file a lien. Hopefully that will get them to pay but a lien is no guarantee of payment. If months have passed and payment is not made, file suit in small claims as trying to foreclose a lien for this amount is cost-prohibitive along with being time-consuming and extremely complicated. 

 The Colorado judicial branch website has excellent instructions, overviews, links
and forms. You should also consider going to the small claims clinic. The
rules, the handbook, instructions, forms and other resources are all available

  In addition to the above Colorado resources, Nolo Publishing has an excellent book
that provides a plain English discussion of small claims. Here is the site Please note that the foregoing is not a representation that the information is all that one
needs for your matter or a warranty on their accuracy.  

hope this helped answer your question and I hope this works out. 


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