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I need to know if it’s time for a lawyer against a pool contractor.


We had a fiberglass pool installed in 2019. Since then , we have had multiple problems of leaking water, cracks and bubbles. Our contractor tried to repair (very pieces together)but the pool is worse off now with shoddy paint job, fiberglass is cracking again, uneven fiberglass, and the pool is unlevel and still leaking. Contractor has said multiple times and dates he will come to look at it but never shows up. Is this something we need a lawyer for?

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Jun 22, 2022

Whether a lawyer is needed is always your decision, but it does sound as though you may be at that point. I would recommend obtaining a quote to actually fix the pool properly if that is possible or the opinion that it is not possible and the cost of replacement. There could be an issue raised about whether the original contractor had a right to make the repairs if the contractor you reference who repaired the pool was someone different than the original installer. If you would like to discuss it further, please feel free to give us a call. 504-323-5885.

Jun 22, 2022
The person making repairs was hired by the original contractor.

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