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How do I correct the pre-lien file date?

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We are concrete ready mix company. We poured concrete at property and have not been paid. We filed the pre-lien filed within the 20 day window, we needed to confirm a scout finding, which we confirmed but it was after 20 days, now payment isnt protected and it says the pre-lien was filed late. How do we fix/adjust the date?

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May 17, 2023

A preliminary notice, once properly served, covers all claims on the project from the date of the notice, and twenty days before then. It sounds like you are saying that you served a preliminary notice for your initial concrete delivery, then later proceeded with other work later on the same project. The later work should be covered if it is reasonably within the scope of what was described in your preliminary notice. I suggest you have a construction lawyer take a look at your preliminary notice and discuss what you have done on the project. 

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