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How can I get these guys who hired my employees, to pay me?


I've sent the lien once, and they sent it back. We just resent it recently, and to the EWU dorm building as well, where the work was done. These guys are really slippery, and sneaky. They lie through their teeth. I'm in Idaho, but the project was in Washington. Can I take their bond, for $12,000?

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Jan 7, 2021
When you say that you sent lien once and they sent it back, what exactly do you mean? Who did you send the lien to and why was it sent back? Also how long ago was the work done? Regarding the question about whether you can take the bond, in general, the bond is to protect the consumer from damages due to workmanship or negligence.
Jan 8, 2021
It appears you may have done work on Public Property (EWU Dorm) hence, you do not have traditional “lien rights” (under RCW Ch. 60.04) but you DO have rights against the Retainage & Bonds (RCW Ch. 39.08 & 60.28) – the retainage held by the governmental authority and the bonds required to have been secured by the GC on the public works project. You should consult with counsel asap, as there are deadlines that must be met or you may lose those rights.

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