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Hello, I have been asked to perform a residential home inspection tomorrow, but tomorrow will be the first day of Dallas' "Shelter In Place". Am I permitted to conduct the home inspection? I will add that the house is vacant and the buyer of the property has been asked not to come for safety concerns. I read in the "Shelter In Place" order that residential construction was allowed to work. Since the inspection process is directly related to residential construction, will this be allowed? It's a little confusing.

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Mar 25, 2020
Judge Jenkins' order, while quite detailed, really doesn't help much in answering your question unfortunately, and the reality is there is no way to be sure. Dallas has opened its 2-1-1 line to answering questions about coronavirus, and that line may be your best bet. In Harris County (Houston) there is an email you can use to submit questions, but I am not aware of such an email address for Dallas County, (which does not mean there is not one). Unfortunately I have no more detailed information or analysis for you than this. Very best, Ben House 281-762-1377

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