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Do I need a construction lawyer


I had my bathroom remodeled and the shower was done wrong and not up to code therefore another company has to redo it. I want the half back I paid to this company along with material that is now wasted so I can pay a new company to redo and buy all new material. I had 4 companies saying it was done wrong and will rot and mold in a short period of time n tiles would crack n fall apart. Do I need a lawyer or maybe take it to a small claims court?? Guy who did my shower had never tiles before and I had no clue on that. Thank you for any information

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May 4, 2021
My advice is to call the city inspector first. Contractors often think that other contractors don't do things properly. You can't rely on the opinion of the guy who is looking for work. The inspector should be able to give you non-biased advice on how the job was done. Now... if the city inspector says the job is not done right, the inspector can make the contractor repair the work or pull his license. If the city inspector cannot get the work corrected, then you call a lawyer.
May 7, 2021
If it is under $5K you do not need a lawyer and small claims is ok. HOWEVER prep for the case. Call your local building authority and have it inspected. Get the results of the inspection IN WRITING. Get the other contractors opinions that it was done wrong IN WRITING.

If you do not have supporting documentation that it is done wrong and not up to code .. you will lose.
May 7, 2021
Actually Small Claims case up to $7000 starting last Jan

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