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Contractor wants full payment for a job he did not complete. Don't have an issue paying for the part that he did but won't pay for what he didn't. Husband wasn't thinking and didn't get a contract signed. but we have video and photo documentation on what wasn't completed. Contractor is threatening a lien on the property. We have also told him we wouldn't pay him until Tomorrow 5/3/2021 as that is when our Hard Money Lender issued the draw for. Contractor is wanting money for supplies and labor, but he didn't purchase materials as someone else purchased the materials and we are paying him directly for the material cost. What are our legal actions. Like I said we don't mind paying him for the labor, but he didn't actually do the labor it was a roofing team that came and did the half that they did. Contractor Texted husband on April 29,2021 stating that the roof job was complete. Husband and I went out to property to find that one of the side roofs and the back roof of property was not completed. He still expects the 12,000 dollars for all the work that they did. he is also expecting work for the siding that he was suppose to do on the property, that wasn't completed at all.

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