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Can we reestablish lien rights?

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We filed a 20 day preliminary lien notice and had lien rights on a job. In error (while still working on the job) we filed a lien on the job, then realizing our mistake, we cancelled the lien. This actually removed the lien completely and lost us our lien rights. We are still actively working on the job. Is there anyway to reestablish our lien rights?

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Nov 24, 2021
If you filed a valid preliminary notice and you are still performing work on the project, you should be able to record a valid mechanics lien, so long as you follow all the requirements for recording a mechanics lien. I suggest you retain an attorney to assist you to review the specifics of your situation.
Nov 24, 2021
You still have your lien rights. The fact you recorded a lien and released it only releases that lien, not your overall lien rights. So, when you are done, you can still record a lien for what you are owed.

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