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Can the prelim have a different name from the lien?

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Our company is in the process of changing our dba. If we filed the prelim under dba "A" and change our name to "B" in Levelset, when we file a lien for this project, the system will automatically assign "B" to the document. Would this be an issue?

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May 24, 2023

I forgot to add another important point. We currently have 2 different entities set up in Levelset; entity "A" and entity "X". The dba "B" will be created under entity "A" and we intend to use this dba for both entities going forward.

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May 24, 2023

If the preliminary notice included both the legal name of the entity and the DBA, then recording a lien under the legal name of the entity should be valid. If the DBA has changed by the time you record a lien, I would just omit the DBA from the lien to avoid confusion and list only the legal name of the entity. Or you could reference the old DBA with the preface "formerly known as" or "FKA." If you have two entities, and they are both using the same DBA, that could get confusing. Are they operating in different counties? It seems you would not be able to register the same fictitious name for two different entities in the same county. Nevertheless, in any legal documents I would always use the full legal name of the entity followed by the registered DBA. 

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