Can I file a mechanic lien if I passed my contract amount limitations?

10 months ago

I am the contractor.


I’d like you to guide me to file the mechanic lien.  I’d like to file it in person.

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Assuming that you are talking about changes to the contract scope with change orders, and those changes are incorporated into the real estate, then, again assuming you are within the statutory requirements, yes, you have lien rights.  Without the details, and because this is a public forum, I cannot walk you through the lien process.

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If you want to file a mechanics lien yourself, and in person, then you’ll need to dig into the process.  There is no simple “just do this” answer to get you there.  This guide will help you understand how the process works, will give you a free form to use that will need to be filed, and even includes a link to all of the county recorder offices – everything you need to know:  How to file a lien in Virginia.

However, the process is complicated and time-consuming. If you’d like to get it filed electronically and to use a system to generate your lien claim automatically, you can do that here: e-File your lien.  If you’d like to get an attorney to help you step-by-step, Chris is one of the best Virginia construction lawyers out there and will be able to get it done for you soup to nuts.

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