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Can I file a foreclosure lien on an existing lien filed March 13th 2020


I signed a 5 yr. lease 2 years into it for a home and barns to live and operate my business out of. The house had been abandoned for 6 yrs. sitting still unhabitable per judge. The house was owned by an older lady. The son was in charge of maintaining the property. This case had been going on for 6 yrs. between son and daughter over maintaining it. The judge order son to fix and maintain the property he refused. I sign a 5 yr. contract and the son still refused to obey the judges ruling. So I made repairs enclosed the house made habitable vermin free. The son and daughter prasied the work I did. The older lady passed away January 15 2021 the property automatically goes to the daughter. Now I just got an email from her attorney telling me I'm evicted got 30 days to get out. When I called the daughter all she said was she didn't authorize me to do the work. I filed a lien for my work done March 13th 2020. Any suggestions? I don't have thousands of $.

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Mar 11, 2021

You have 2 separate issues, the first is that a mechanics lien dissolves unless suit is filed on it within 1 year from filing the lien. Today is March 11, 2021. If your lien was filed March 13, 2021, you need to see a lawyer immediately and get a lawsuit filed.

Your second issue is the eviction notice and your lease. Once again, you need an attorney immediately.

Some attorneys will work out payment arrangements for their services. The only way to find out is to start calling attorneys in your jurisdiction. Good luck!


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