Can I discharge a lien that was wrongfully put on a property if I have proof that the contractor was paid for his work?

3 days ago
State: Texas

My mother is a homeowner who hired a contractor to remodel the interior of her home. I was present throughout the whole process when they discussed the amount to be paid and they negotiated the price he needed to be paid for the amount of work provided. They agreed that my mother would not have as much work done on her home so that she could afford the amount due for the service he provided. She paid for a good portion of the costs of the renovations, including: paint for walls, ceiling and cabinets, all of the appliances installed and their delivery, faucets, drawer handles, the front door to her home, etc. I also removed all of the carpeting in her home to save additional costs. The contractor asked if she wouldn’t mind donating her older appliances to his work crew so they could use them in their homes because they were still functioning appliances and she was still charged for their demolition. My mother and I have a lot of evidence that she paid for the work that was done in her home, however the contractor seems to have decided that the original bid he provided is the amount owed even though she did not end up getting the same amount of work done on her home as listed in the initial paperwork. How can we discharge the lien he put on her home?

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