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Can a lien be filed against me?


The roofer came to me at the end of the job with extra charges that he made up and never had me sign for. He let water pour into my house twice and sent meth heads to do the work. He would not pay them and I wound up managing the job and finishing it as he would not supply labor or basic materials to finish (screws, metal, etc). He yelled at me at sprayed gravel on me with his truck. Super unprofessional and passive/agressive. He took half of the money in July, started in September, and finished in December after it had snowed on the unfinished roof three times. I paid him in full the agreed upon contract price and informed him in writing that if he cashed the check, the matter would be considered closed. Now he has come back with a letter almost three months later saying he has filed a lien. I have not been served any papers, just a letter stating he has filed a lien. He claims I agreed to his extra charges. I did not and told him so. He is desperate for money as he has tax problems and a reputation for being a crook. Can I tell him to get lost.

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