The ten biggest construction companies in the U.S.

The past few years have been tumultuous for the construction industry, with rising prices and labor shortages affecting construction businesses across the country. Many of the nation’s top construction companies experienced a slowdown in business. Still, the 10 biggest construction companies in the U.S. experienced combined annual revenues approaching $100 billion according to the 2021 data from Engineering News Record.

Keep reading for more information about these contracting giants as well as details about how to get started working as a subcontractor for them.

Rank (2022)CompanyRevenuePrevious Rank
1The Turner Corp.$14.4 billion2 (+1)
2Bechtel$12.2 billion1 (-1)
3Fluor$11.7 billion
4Kiewit Corp.$11.2 billion5 (+1)
5The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.$8.7 billion4 (-1)
6STO Building Group, Inc.$8.1 billion7 (+1)
7Tutor Perini Corp.$6.6 billion14 (+7)
8AECOM$6.6 billion3 (-5)
9Skanska, USA$6.5 billion8 (-1)
10DPR Construction$6.5 billion12 (+2)

1. The Turner Corporation

Turner Corporation logo
  • Total Revenue: $14.4 billion
  • New Contracts: $15 billion
  • Stock Symbol: FWB: HOT

In 2022, The Turner Corporation (Turner) knocked Bechtel out of the top spot among the country’s biggest construction companies, a title Bechtel held since 2016. 

The Turner Corporation is a construction management company based out of New York City. Founded in 1902 by Henry Chandlee Turner, the company now works on some of the largest projects in the country. With over 10,000 employees, the company works on as many as 1,500 projects each year. 

Some of Turner’s most notable projects include:

  • Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
  • Harvard University Science and Engineering Complex, Allston, Massachusetts
  • Columbus Crew MLS Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
  • Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital Inpatient Tower, Columbus, Ohio

Subs and suppliers looking into working with The Turner Corporation should look into their payment score, which has been a consistently high “A” over the past year.

While most contractors find Turner pays on time, one contractor had this to say: “This company takes an average of 124 days to pay each of our billings, could definitely be faster,” while another contractor said, “Excellent! Better than any we have worked with in many years.”

If you’re interested in working with The Turner Corporation, check out our guide to working with Turner Construction and their subcontractor page.

Company Website

2. Bechtel

Bechtel logo
  • Total Revenue: $14.4 billion
  • New Contracts: $3.7 billion
  • Stock Symbol: BPR

Bechtel is the second biggest construction company in the US — though it held the top spot for five years until 2021. The company specializes in construction, engineering, and project management. Founded in 1898 by Warren Bechtel, the company headquarters are now in Reston, Virginia.

Some of Bechtel’s construction projects include:

  • The Hoover Dam, Clark County, Nevada
  • London City Airport, London, England
  • Sydney Metro, Sydney, Australia
  • Crossrail, London, England
  • Hummel Combined Cycle Power Plant, Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania

Subs and suppliers interested in working with Bechtel will be happy to know the company has no payment issues reported on 96 percent of its projects in the last 12 months. These payment practices earn Bechtel a high Payment Score.

If you’re interested in subcontracting or supplying with Bechtel, check out our guide to working with Bechtel and their suppliers and contractors page.

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3. Fluor

  • Total Revenue: $11.7 billion
  • New Contracts: $9 billion
  • Stock Symbol: FLR

Fluor is an Irving, Texas based construction firm. Founded in 1912 by Swiss immigrants, the company has humble origins but now employees more than 40,000 people across the globe, including offices in every continent except Antarctica. 

Some of Fluor’s notable projects include:

  • Buddha Tower, California
  • Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Alaska
  • Gordie Howe International Bridge, Detroit River
  • CTA Red and Purple Line Modernization, Chicago, Illinois
  • San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge, California

Fluor has a “C” Payment Score, with some contractors noting problems with slow payment of 90+ days. However, with relatively few reviews, Fluor’s exact payment speed is unknown.

For subcontractors looking to work with Fluor, refer to our Fluor subcontractor guide and their supplier and contractor information portal.

Company Website

4. Kiewit Corporation

Kiewit logo
  • Total Revenue: $14.4 billion
  • New Contracts: $15 billion
  • Stock Symbol: KIRY

Kiewit is an Omaha, Nebraska based construction, engineering, and mining services company. Founded in 1884, Kiewit now employs over 22,000 people, with locations across the US and Canada. 

Some of Kiewit’s notable projects include:

  • Salt Lake City University Line, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Holland Performing Arts Center, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Homestead Motorsports Complex, Homestead, Florida
  • I-229 Corridor, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Ghent CCR Transport Project, Ghent, Kentucky

Kiewit has a “B” Payment Score. The main factor for this score is slow payment, with some contractors reporting more than 90 days before receiving payment. 

One reviewer’s major complaint had to do with paperwork: “We had to send our invoices to them multiple times. The staff handling our documents changed and they did not seem to know how to distribute the documents out throughout their own departments for approval. The experience could have been better. We have future work with them and are hoping it goes more smoothly.”

If you’re interested in working with Kiewit as a sub or supplier, check out our guide to working with Kiewit and their procurement page.

Company Website

5. The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Whiting-Turner logo
  • Total Revenue: $8.7 billion
  • New Contracts: $9.5 billion
  • Stock Symbol: Private

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company is a Baltimore, Maryland based construction company focusing on commercial, education, healthcare, technology, life sciences, and transportation projects. Whiting-Turner only works within the US, with 50 locations from Massachusetts to Hawaii. It’s also one of the largest private businesses in the country, according to Forbes.

Some of Whiting-Turners most notable projects include:

  • Porsche North America Headquarters, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Under Armour Performance Center Expansion, Owing Mills, Maryland
  • Forth Worth Zoo African Savanna, Fort Worth, Texas
  • University of Virginia Rotunda Renovation, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Ruby City, San Antonio, Texas

Whiting-Turner maintains a “B” Payment Score. Contractors reported payment issues on 12 percent of their projects, with the most common complain being inconsistent payment practices.

For example, one reviewer notes, “Their payment process changes from one PM to the next. However, the payment process is too slow for the small business to see a profit.” On the other hand, more positive reviews are also common: “Once you learn how to navigate their payment app process it’s really easy to get paid on time. The folks on the site were professional and easy to work with.”

If you’re interested in working with The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, check out our guide to working with Whiting-Turner or reach out to them through the company’s subcontractor contact page.

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6. STO Building Group, Inc.

  • Total Revenue: $8.1 billion
  • New Contracts: $10.6 billion
  • Stock Symbol: Private

STO Building Group Incorporated is a conglomerate of eight construction firms. STO’s headquarters are in New York, New York, but the company employs 2,200 people across the US, Canada, and Ireland.

Some of STO Building Group’s notable projects include:

  • Tecovas, Inc., Dallas, Texas
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral Restoration, New York, New York
  • Pinebridge Investments, New York, New York
  • Sage Plaza, Houston, Texas
  • 9th Wonder, Houston, Texas

STO Building Group has has a “C” Payment Score, and a few subs report waiting more than 90 days for payment. 

One reviewer notes, “Project managers are extremely uncommunicative and do not approve change orders for months after the work is done, if at all, which holds up payments and billing.” However, positive reviewers also chime in to say, “Never had a problem. Send your documents on time and you’ll be ok. They have a lot of rules which can be messy, but we’ve worked with them several times and have the hang of it.”

If you’re interested in working with STO Building Group, check out the group’s subcontractor page

Company Website

7. Tutor Perini

  • Total Revenue: $6.6 billion
  • New Contracts: $4.4 billion
  • Stock Symbol: TPC

Tutor Perini is a Symlar, California based contractor specializing in infrastructure projects. Founded in 1949, the firm now employees more than 10,000 people and has subsidiaries across the United States and around the world.

Some of Tutor Perini’s notable projects include:

  • Encore at Wynn, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • EWR Terminal A, Newark, New Jersey
  • Third Street Light Rail, San Francisco, CA
  • 10 Hudson Yards, New York City
  • Richmond – San Rafael Bridge, California

Tutor Perini maintains a “B” Payment Score, though some subcontractors complain of slow payment and poor communication.

For example, one reviewer notes, “Pay slow, no communication and if so, its weeks on end. Always wants discounts. Short pays invoices without saying why. They don’t care for their subs at all. To get retention is pulling teeth!” However, many projects from this contractor are met with favorable reviews and on-time payments.

Subcontractors looking to work with the firm should consult our guide to working with Tutor Perini and their subcontractor portal.

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AECOM logo
  • Total Revenue: $6.6 billion
  • New Contracts: N/A
  • Stock Symbol: ACM

AECOM is a large engineering and design firm, working in areas like clean water and energy as well as public projects. The company’s headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, though it’s involved in many international projects. AECOM employs 87,000 people—impressive considering it’s one of the newer companies on the list, founded in 1990. 

Some of AECOM’s most notable projects include:

  • One World Trade Center, New York, New York
  • One Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • High Speed Two, Birmingham, Leeds, London, and Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Warner Brothers World, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • One Vanderbilt Avenue, New York, New York

AECOM is listed on Levelset’s Payment Profile page as AECOM Hunt, which has a “C” Payment Score.

Subs who review this contractor note issues with retainage, slow payment, and difficult processes. For example, “Normal time to pay us was 3 to 6 months from invoice date. Had to put up with threats to hold payments until punch item was completed , in addition to retainage.” However, others had a more positive experience: “Payment timeframes are based on the Owner of the project, but once funded, they pay Subs in a timely fashion.”

If you’re interested in working with AECOM, check out our guide to working with AECOMor their subcontractor page

Company Website

6. McDermott International

McDermott logo
  • McDermott International 2019 Total Revenue: $12.4 billion
  • Domestic Revenue: $8.4 billion
  • Stock Symbol: NYSE: MDRIQ

McDermott International is a Houston, Texas based engineering, procurement, construction, and installation company working primarily in the oil industry. The company is 97 years old and has over 70,000 employees. 

Some of McDermott’s most notable projects include:

  • Astoria Power Plant, Queens, New York
  • BP Chemicals Adsorber Vessel, Lima, Ohio
  • BP Refinery Coke Drums, Carson California
  • Argentina Propane/Butane Export Terminal, Purto Galvan, Argentina
  • Baton Rouge FCC Unit Turnaround, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

McDermott International worked on 21 projects in the last 12 months and experienced payment problems on 57 percent of them. Coupled with the slow payment time frame (usually over 90 days), it has a low Payment Score. 

If you’d like to try your hand at working with McDermott, you can check out the suppliers and subcontractors page on the website.

Company website

9. Skanska USA

Skanska logo
  • Total Revenue: $6.5 billion
  • New Contracts: $5.5 billion
  • Stock Symbol: SKBSY

Skanska USA is a New York, New York-based division of the Swedish company Skanska. The construction company involves itself mostly in commercial property and public-private partnerships. The company itself is well over 120 years old and employs 33,225 people worldwide.

Skanska USA’s notable projects include:

  • RBM Development Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • James A. Farley Building Redevelopment, New York, New York
  • University of Cincinnati Fifth Third Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 733 10th Street, Washington, DC
  • The Alamo Colleges, District Support Operations Administration Complex, San Antonio, Texas

Skanska has an “A” Payment Score, with most subcontractors reporting a positive experience working with the firm.

One review stated “If you follow the invocing process properly and get your approvals, you will get paid promptly. Address change orders promptly as well. No issues. Paying on time.” Others have had a more difficult experience, noting, “Dreadful. They reduce Change Order agreed amounts. They make up back charges at the end of the job out of the blue.”

If you’re interested in working for Skanska, check out the company’s Partner with Skanska page. For more information on the best practices to get paid when working with Skanska, check out Skanska for Subcontractors: Payment Guide and Resources.

Company Website

10. DPR Construction

  • Total Revenue: $6.5 billion
  • New Contracts: $7.9 billion
  • Stock Symbol: Private

DPR Construction is a Redwood City, California based contractor that specializes in complex sustainable projects in the healthcare, higher education, and commercial sectors. Founded in 1990, the firm now employees 9,000 people across 30 locations, including the U.S., South Korea, and Europe. 

Some of DPR Construction’s notable projects include:

  • Autodesk Headquarters, San Francisco, California
  • Library of Congress, National Audio-Visual Conservation Center, Washington, D.C.
  • UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco, California
  • Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University
  • Tampa International Airport Main Terminal Modernization, Florida

The company maintains an “A” Payment Score, with many subcontractors noting that they are great to work with and have strong payment processes in place.

For example, one positive review notes, “The payment process is an easy, large firm that has the back-end resources to handle large projects and payments to subcontractors accordingly.”

If you’re interested in working with this contractor, check out our guide to working with DPR Construction as well as their subcontractor prequalification page.

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