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Virtual Meetup: Credit & Brownies at Brunch

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Credit professionals hold a unique and important role in the construction industry. To empower credit professionals of all experience levels and backgrounds to learn from each other and progress in their careers, we’re bringing back our virtual “Meet&Greets” and our first is surely a do not miss!

Join this virtual meetup of top industry experts as they take a step back to evaluate how you and your teams are collaborating and sharing expertise.  Why?  Organizations that collaborate effectively tend to be more culturally aligned, higher rates of employee engagement and are well likely to be more financially successful. 

Additionally, not that you need a reason, but August is National Brownies at Brunch!  All attendees will receive a $5 Tiffs Treats gift certificate to enjoy a brownie at your convenience.  #NationalBrowniesAtBrunchMonth 

At Credit & Brownies at Brunch you’ll:

  • Speed-panel to determine the toughest challenges going on in credit management today
  • Collaborate with your peers to learn new procedures and strategies
  • Risk Management tools in the current economy


  • Thea Dudley “The Credit Overlord”
  • Belinda Haynes w/SRS Distribution
  • Mary Moore w/SouthernCarlson
  • Martha Holland w/Tejas Materials
  • Alaina Worden w/Carson Team
  • Gloria Macias w/Action Gypsum
  • Anne Scarcella w/Crawford Electric
  • Toby Brutsman w/MORSCO


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