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Keeping up with mechanics lien deadlines is no easy task when you work on multiple projects. While it may seem overwhelming to stay on top of the different deadlines for notices and liens, it is absolutely imperative.

In fact, tracking these deadlines is essential to protect lien rights on your jobs and ensure that you get paid in a timely manner. Large subcontractors and suppliers — and even smaller subcontractors and suppliers that are growing and taking on more customers — can easily keep up with different lien deadlines by using lien rights management software

Businesses that have used lien rights management software like Levelset to stay on top of sending notices and tracking lien deadlines have found greater consistency in protecting payments and getting paid on time. Three businesses in particular — 9Wood, Concrete Related Products, and Holman Inc. — have shared the benefits they experience with Levelset. 

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Custom wood manufacturer 9Wood uses Levelset to avoid missing time-sensitive lien and notice deadlines so they can protect every payment. 

“Before we started using Levelset, we often missed notice deadlines because they were much earlier than we expected them to be. Now we have advance notice for upcoming deadlines and don’t miss the narrow window of opportunity to preserve our lien rights,” said Charley Coury, 9Wood CEO.

The moment 9Wood enters their job into Levelset, their notice deadlines are automatically calculated. Levelset determines when those notices and liens are legally due based on a job’s state, type, and 9Wood’s role on the job and dates they worked. 9Wood receives an email alert when it’s time to send a document, and then they are able to send the notice or file the lien with just a few clicks. 

By using Levelset to protect lien rights, 9Wood is able to reduce risk and confidently offer credit terms to more customers. Consequently, they have been able to grow their business and have seen a 26% increase in revenue. 

Texas rebar supplier Concrete Related Products cut their payment collection time in half by using Levelset to automate the process of sending preliminary notices at the beginning of each of their jobs. Wendy Hilton, the AR Manager, checks to ensure their jobs and invoice information are up-to-date in Levelset, and then the notices are automatically sent on-time. 

Before partnering with Levelset, Concrete Related Products constantly faced late payments and write-offs. However, once they started sending notices consistently on every job, the change in payment collection was instant.

“We immediately started getting responses to our notices. We were getting calls saying, ‘We just got this notice from Levelset. Can you tell us more?’ I got to explain to our customers that we’ve neglected to send these [notices] in the past, but now we have a partner on board to help us make sure we’re communicating with project stakeholders and avoiding payment problems down the line,” said Wendy.

Not only does Levelset make it easy for Wendy to send notices on every job without lifting a finger, but it also prevents her from missing a deadline to secure lien rights

“With Levelset, being able to file your paperwork the right way and making sure that everything is being filed correctly and tracked correctly takes the pressure off of you as a small business owner. You know that you have a company that is really working on your behalf to make sure you get paid,” said Wendy. 

When a payment is late, Levelset prompts Wendy to take proactive steps to make sure that Concrete Related Products gets paid on every project, every time.

Holman, Inc. 

Florida subcontractor Holman, Inc. uses Levelset to stay on top of Florida’s strict lien deadlines and requirements

“Now, more than ever, we’re protecting our payment rights better because we have everything set up correctly in Levelset so that everything is tracked. Whereas before, we might miss deadlines. We might hit that 90-day mark and not be able to get the notice sent on time,” said Ellie Holman, the office administrator at Holman, Inc. 

Their business now has full visibility over what paperwork they’ve sent and when they sent it so that they can ensure their lien rights are protected at all times.  

“If I need a document and I need to know exactly when it was sent and received, I can go look at that. Whereas, if we weren’t using Levelset — good luck tracking all of that and trying to follow up,” Ellie explained. 

Tracking payment paperwork and lien deadlines is no longer a burden. With Levelset automating the process of managing lien rights, Ellie’s job has become much easier and she is more confident in her ability to get the company paid on time. 

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9Wood, Concrete Related Products, and Holman, Inc. are three of thousands of businesses using Levelset to track lien deadlines and protect payments across multiple projects in multiple locations. Visit our website to learn more about how Levelset makes lien rights management a breeze. Or, schedule a call with the Levelset team to get started. 

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