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If I work for a Property Management company. (Aka Gallant Building solutions, Lakeside project Solutions). their payment terms are 45 days net, putting me outside of the 30 day window to file a lien in Wisconsin. Is there any laws that pertain to this type of service? What are my options to collect, if building maintenance service fails to pay?...Read More
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I filed a lien just over a month ago and have not had any correspond with the homeowner. Is there anything more I can do before my lien expires? My contract with them states we will settle disputes with binding arbitration, Is this my next best step or should I hire a lawyer? Peter...Read More
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I completed cabinet installation with the sub- cabinet supplier on a multi-unit building they have yet to pay the full invoice amount...Read More
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This is for design and engineering only at this point. Do we file a prelien for this?...Read More
CaliforniaLien DeadlinesPreliminary Notice
the sub was advanced the funds and the lender has not been paid, a lien needs to be filed however it seems the deadline for document to be sent has past, can the documents still be sent and lien be filed??...Read More
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hi we filed a 20% excess instead of a 20 day prelim in error in December now we are having problems getting paid and are concerned what are our rights?...Read More
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I am a sub contractor who has not been paid for my work. It seems the dates to send the notices have expired. Can this still be filed ?...Read More
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I am a contractor where we manufacture custom furniture for bars, restaurants, night clubs and retail. We work with designers, architects, general contractors or direct to owner where we manufacture custom furniture and then install the furniture at the job site. We are new to levelset and new to the lien process. We are creating a Contract for Construction that we will have the customers sign and agree to prior to work. We were given a contract template from levelset and we customized it to our needs. We would like to consult with a lawyer to ensure that this contract is legal and protects us in every way....Read More
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HI, Do we have to file a notice of identification in Mass or can we wait to see if we are not paid?...Read More
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Hello, We are subcontractors, hired by General Contractor. The project was finished on January 16, 2020. Back in August, we started to chase GC for payment, knowing the 8-month rule. They have been sending some payments, and in a mid of Sept they promised to make a final payment in 3 weeks. The owner of the company accepted their word, however, they sent only 1/2 of the payment. Is there any possibility to file the lien based on the above circumstances? ...Read More
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Substantial completion of a project has been completed. The path of travel on the exterior portion of the building needs to be rerouted and architect is changing plans to maintain ada compliance. Its been 6months now waiting on the architect and owner will not pay me until the path of travel is corrected. What can I do to get paid? The amount is 30% of the contract equating to about $31000. Should I file preliminary lien documents?...Read More
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I sent a lien for our project called RCloud. Since I sent the lien, the GC has made one progress payment. We are still owed $218,602.80 which includes unbilled retention. The GC is asking if I've updated the lien amount to reflect the new balance since they made a payment. Is this something I need to do? Or does the lien amount remain in tact until I'm paid in full? ...Read More
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I’m a contractor working on a large commercial project inside a Mall. I finished my work on the job last month but haven’t gotten paid and my customer isn’t returning my calls. I sent the preliminary notice late and in our contract our client signed an arbitration of disputes form. How can I collect payment if I cannot file a lien?...Read More
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We are a small porta-potty rental company. We filed a mechanics lien against one of our customers who will not pay, but it's only about $1,800. I see we need to file a suit within 3 weeks. Is that something we can do on our own?...Read More
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