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Hello, I have a question about notice timing and what lien rights are when there are long (up to a year) lead times of when we get an order and when we actually provide materials. I'm confused as to deadlines of notice timing, etc. Thank you, Paula...Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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MassachusettsLien Deadlines
How many between the Notice to File a Lien and the actual Filing of the Lien- how many days...Read More
Anonymous Laborer
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FloridaLien DeadlinesNotice of Intent to Lien
I am a real estate staging professional. I help people get their homes ready for sale doing anything from painting, repairing things, project and contractor management, sourcing materials, and on and on. I do whatever it takes to get a home ready for photographs and onto the market. I recently got a home ready doing all of the above and more. It happens to be my sons home. I dont want to drag this story out, but his ex-fiance left him with this fixer upper - he was to use my professional services and do whatever it took to get it to market...we accomplished the goal and completed it this past May 15th (its is sold now and due to close in 2 weeks). She has been contacted over and over and over again about paying her half of the bill which is over 8K. She keeps dragging this out and my son agrees that if i have to, i should file a lien against the house because she will not agree to how she will pay me her half. They are both on mortgage and should only probably break even at the sale...My sons lawyer says any monies should go into another escrow acct and be divvied after the closing...i feel that while she still has a stake in the house is my only leverage at this point..I want to sent a NOI this week (even tho it will be a few days after supposed deadline for IL) and then i want to lien the house...we never wanted it to get this far gone...she was so cooperative until recently. What can I do? should I proceed with NOI or not? Does her obligation stop once the house is sold? It is crunch time now and I am so stressed about this...I have been doing this for years and never ever had trouble getting paid......Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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IllinoisLien DeadlinesPayment Disputes
Hi, I want to know the process I must take. Our company was subcontracted to do work. The contractor signed a proposal that agrees to deliver full payment upon completion. It has been 3 months and we still have not received payment. every time we ask he gives an excuse saying he didn't get paid yet. Which is none of our concern because that wasn't in the contract. What is the step I must take to go about getting payment? We are in the State of Florida, and we did not do a Notice to owner before we started the work....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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FloridaConstruction ContractLien DeadlinesPayment DisputesRecovery Options
I was an investor on a rehab project. The Owner on Title to the property to be rehabbed was also the Contractor. He never completed the job 4 years ago and was incarcerated shortly after only starting the rehab project(he has been in jail since). I was in litigation for 3 years on a Quiet Title Action on the property in order to gain Title. That case fell apart and was dismissed due to Lawyer Malpractice. I sued in Small Claims for a Judgement in order to obtain a Lien. I recently lost. I am trying to exhaust all possibilities in order to have a Lien placed on this property. ...Read More
Robert Bagnell
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CaliforniaBond ClaimsBonding Off LienCollectionsConstruction ContractLawsuitLien DeadlinesLien on FundsMechanics LienNotice of Intent to Lien
As a construction supply company we filed a notice to extend time to file mechanic's lien in colorado> how much time does this buy us ?...Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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ColoradoLien Deadlines
I am still owed payment for a completed job but have gone beyond my 60 day period to file a lien. Do I have any other options for debt collection?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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OhioLien DeadlinesRecovery Options
20days preliminary notice field , lien recorded, but still did not get any answer from the project. As I know I am not the only one lien holder . When ask money from project ,the answer is owner is in economy crisis, what should I do. Is there deadline after lien recorded? What is it? Thanks...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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CaliforniaLien DeadlinesLien Foreclosure
This is regarding a Lien that was filed on 7/12/22 and Levelset said it was to expire on 10/07/22, but had requested a lien extension on 9/27/22. We received an email from Levelset on 10/02/22 stating they were missing some info but that they were going to send it out anyway. As of today, it has not been sent, we called in to check on the status and it seems they were still waiting on us to respond and it is now scheduled to go out tomorrow. We were unaware of this delay and now it is passed the lien expiration date, so will this lien extension even be valid? Are we still protected with this lien?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaLien Deadlines
My company is a second tier contractor. The contractor has the typical pay when paid stipulation. This contractor is 120 days past due. At what point is a lien filed? Does it depend on invoice date or date of services?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaLien DeadlinesMechanics Lien
We have a bunch of customers who owe us money. We are in the process of collecting money through the LA lien process. Please let me know if we file a notice of contract today for example on a customer who we had a contract signed in 1/1/21 but we never completed the contracted amount. We still have rights to lien correct? please call me asap 504.402.8379 text me if I don't answer please asap! ...Read More
Christopher Nicolais
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LouisianaLien Deadlines
I didn't file a preliminary notice on time - but the owner didn't say anything about it. Can I file a lien later, if I need to? Isn't it the owners obligation to raise the issue?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaLien DeadlinesMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
The contract was signed, but are there other courses of action, such as filing a lawsuit against the property owner(such as unjust enrichment)? Also is there a responsibility on the part of the GC who is claiming not to have been paid. Do they have the responsibility to verify they have not been paid, and also to diligently attempt to pursue the payment through legal means? I checked in the jurisdiction and no court case or liens have been filed by the GC....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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VirginiaConstruction ContractLawsuitLien DeadlinesPayment DisputesRecovery Options
We are working at a private university - should we classify them as a commercial project in that case?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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WisconsinLien Deadlines
Sent intent of lien notice. still no pay. How long should i wait befor file the lien...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaLien Deadlines