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This is regarding a Lien that was filed on 7/12/22 and Levelset said it was to expire on 10/07/22, but had requested a lien extension on 9/27/22. We received an email from Levelset on 10/02/22 stating they were missing some info but that they were going to send it out anyway. As of today, it has not been sent, we called in to check on the status and it seems they were still waiting on us to respond and it is now scheduled to go out tomorrow. We were unaware of this delay and now it is passed the lien expiration date, so will this lien extension even be valid? Are we still protected with this lien?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaLien Deadlines
Property manager has been lying that payment would be maid soon but already over 90 days of deadline of lien....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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GeorgiaLien DeadlinesMechanics LienPayment DisputesRight to Lien
HI, I hired a Asphalt company to pave my yard in April 2019 and I paid him in full. Now; the supplier wants to put lien on my property because of my contractor didn’t pay for material around 32k. The contractor is filing bankruptcy. I did not receive any lien notice either from contractor or supplier at the time of signing the contract. Can they put lien on my property? What do I need to do? Thanks, ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaLien DeadlinesLien ForeclosureLien Waivers
We are a subcontractor and provided a service, our last day worked was 8-29-2022. We still have punch list items to complete. Does the last day work start on 8-29-2022 or do we need to wait until all punch list items are completed. Trying to determine the timeline for filing a mechanics lien....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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PennsylvaniaLien Deadlines
We are still waiting on their payments - So, what can we do now? to make them pay? 305-466-4464 ext 249 - Ivonne ...Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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PennsylvaniaCollectionsLien Deadlines
We finished up physical work on a job on March 4 as a subcontractor of a subcontractor (Call them RL) under a GC (call them AB) for a commercial project. Our client RL was finally was able to get onsite to do a final walkthrough and sign off on our work on April 8. They still owe us about $6k per the terms of our contract which was the 10% retainage. However the terms of our contract say that they do not have to pay us until 10 days after they collect payment from their client AB. I know that RL was still working on site as of the end of April. And that we have until the 15th day of the 2nd month after the project to file our first notice of an intent to lean. Is that timeline based off of our walkthrough/project sign off date which is April 8th, or when RL finishes their work for their client AB? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasLien Deadlines
I'm being told a story and I can't understand how she thinks she can save the house. If I'm being told the truth, she claims she has 2 foreclosures. One is from her company they used their house as collateral. She says they called in loan. She also claims she is in foreclosure on her personal mortgage. From my understanding she owes 55 thousands on the mortgage and the business loan was a half a million. She is in forbearance. She says she's is getting it until March wich my understanding is it ends December all home covid programs end. We live in long Island NY. So how is this house savable and also it will be left to her only child . Won't her get the lien debt if the house is willed to him? Please help me know the truth as it affects my life in unimaginable ways. Thank you....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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We are an equipment rental company in Texas. Is the last date of labor performed/materials furnished the day we drop the equipment, the day we pick it up, or the last invoice date?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasLien DeadlinesMechanics Lien
The contract was signed, but are there other courses of action, such as filing a lawsuit against the property owner(such as unjust enrichment)? Also is there a responsibility on the part of the GC who is claiming not to have been paid. Do they have the responsibility to verify they have not been paid, and also to diligently attempt to pursue the payment through legal means? I checked in the jurisdiction and no court case or liens have been filed by the GC....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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VirginiaConstruction ContractLawsuitLien DeadlinesPayment DisputesRecovery Options
I work for a company that is a subcontractor for a commercial project in OR. The job is around 93% complete. We want to file a mechanic's lien for this project. The Levelset system is telling me that our Notice of Rights to Lien expired on 5/3/22. I don't believe we sent that notice. Is this required to lien? Can we still lien? The project began in April 2022....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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OregonLien DeadlinesMechanics Lien
This question relates to California. Lets say a subcontractor works on a property July 1. A lender then comes in on August 1 and puts a lien on the property. If the subcontractor doesn't get paid and puts a lien on the property September 1, do they have priority over the lender because they performed work before the lender filed a lien? Also, in many states, the subcontractor has a specific number of days to file their lien in order to get priority. Is there a time period in California?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaLien DeadlinesLien Priority
I am a subcontractor that worked on a project in California. The NOC was filed on 12/27/21. The GC is withholding our retention due to a DIR investigation. Can I still file a Stop Notice...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaLien Deadlines
My final payment was due on or around April 17 2023- the client stated becoming unreasonable after we fixed an item that was initially done incorrectly. We had a field rep from the product come out and say that we did everything in our power to resolve it. The remaining balance was kept in limbo by the homeowner even though he promised, we would be paid after that. He started coming up with all these nitpicking things that would fall under my warranty. However, I told him I would not fulfill any warranty work until the full payment was made. What do I do?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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Rhode IslandLien DeadlinesMechanics Lien
I Filled out a form for an intent to lein, the job was expedited and we have been paid already, how do I retract the initial intent to lein or get a copy of completion of payment...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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North CarolinaLien Deadlines
I have a client that stop communicating after 3 months she decided to file a lawsuit against our company...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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GeorgiaLien Deadlines