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What is the timeframe for filing liens?

OhioLien Deadlines

We have a customer who we worked their insurance claims for 2 properties have the claim information and now customer will not return our calls to move forward. We want to know the timing we have for filing liens.

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Jun 1, 2023

Your lien rights begin to run after your last day of work or supplying materials. You have 60 days in Ohio for a residential project and 75 days for a commercial project. 

In general, negotiations between yourself and the customer/insurance do not count as "work performed" and so the timeline would not begin to run. If you have not performed any actual work, that is services on the property itself, then you are not eligible to file for a mechanic's lien. You would instead need to just sue them under breach of contract for the lost profits of the job (assuming you had a signed agreement).

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