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Hanley Wood’s Professional Deck Builder magazine published an article I wrote in this month’s issue, and of course, I highly recommend reading it :).  The article appears in the Deck Ledger section of the magazine, and is titled “Ins and Outs of Mechanic’s Liens.”  Read the article at their website here (PDF| HTML).

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The article is an adaptation from the a guest post we wrote on Christopher Hill’s great Construction Law Musings blog, titled “The Life of A Mechanics Lien Claim: Preserve, Perfect, Enforce.”  And even this article had an original inspiration in one of the more popular posts here on this blog, “Filing A Lien is a Discipline, and Not A Knee Jerk Reaction.” The life of this post has been long, and I’m quite proud of the Ins & Outs article appearing in Professional Deck Builder, since it’s really an improvement on both original posts.

Thanks to the Professional Deck Builder team for publishing the piece, and the work they did to help put it together.

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