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I filed the Mechanics Lien close to the 60 days

CaliforniaMechanics Lien

I'm a Subcontractor. Filed Mechanics lien today (rush via Levelset). Started Work 2/2020. Last day of work 4/21/23. I still have until 6/21 to get lien recorded, correct? to protect lien rights?

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Jun 20, 2023

The basic deadline to record a mechanics lien is 90 days after completion of the entire work of improvement. The deadline is shorter if the owner records a notice of completion and serves it on the contractor and subcontractors - 30 days for subs and 60 days for a direct contractor. The lien is premature if the lien claimant is still providing work when the lien is recorded. (See Civil Code, §§ 8180, 8412, 8414.) If April 21 is the date the entire project was complete, and no notice of completion was recorded and served, the deadline to record a lien should be July 20.

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