The best construction accountants in Texas

Getting paid in construction is complex. More than anywhere, that’s true in Texas, where construction law is incredibly complicated and confusing. When you add in things like retainage, change orders, slow payments, pay applications, and project variability, it’s a wonder that any construction happens in Texas at all. That’s why construction accounting is so important. Construction accountants not only keep track of each transaction and compile reports on a project-to-project basis. They can also use their knowledge of the construction industry to help put your business on an upward financial trajectory.

The construction industry is unique, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a generalist accountant who can manage a construction company’s finances. If you’re in the Lone Star State and you’re considering hiring a construction accountant to keep your business on track, here’s a quick list of the best construction accountants in Texas.

The best construction accountants in Texas

These accountants and firms made the list based on a few key criteria:

  • They focus on, or specialize in, accounting for construction businesses
  • Their staff are members of construction industry trade groups
  • They are based in New York

The list below is in alphabetical order. The accountants are not listed by any respective rank.

1. Bryce Stewart CPA

Bryce Stewart | Construction Accountants in Texas Texas location: 2323 Ross Avenue, Suite #1700, Dallas, TX 75201

Bryce Stewart CPA is more than a construction accountant—they’re a business advisor too. That’s because they understand that implementing and maintaining good, thorough financial practices is the backbone to any construction company.

As a testament to their expertise, they offer the following services to a wide range of businesses within the construction industry:

  • Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping
  • Month-end and year-end closings
  • Sales tax services
  • Xero accounting
  • Operational reviews and assessments

Bryce Stewart has been helping construction companies achieve their financial goals for the past 6 years.

2. Gollob Morgan Peddy, CPAs

Gollob Morgan Peddy | Construction Accountants in TexasTexas location: 1001 ESE Loop 323, Suite 300, Tyler, Texas 75701

For the past 35 years, Gollob Morgan Peddy has established an impressive reputation for supporting small and mid-sized construction companies and giving them the tools they need to improve their cash flow.

They keep track of all aspects of your financial picture, such as:

  • Cost segregation
  • Succession planning
  • Overhead rates and allocation
  • Audits, reviews, and financial statements

Heather N. Sellers, CPA/CFE/CFF, is a partner at GMP, having worked in accounting for more than 15 years. She has extensive experience in the construction industry, in both accounting and tax matters. She’s also a member of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) and the Construction Industry CPAs and Consultants Association (CICPAC).

3. Haskins & Associates, PC

Haskins & Associates PC | Construction Accountants in TexasTexas location: 600 Travis Street, Suite 6150, Houston, TX 77002

Haskins & Associates is well aware that the economy isn’t what it once was. However, they also believe that with the right bookkeeping and advising, any construction business can achieve maximum profit. Haskins & Associates provides:

  • Consulting services
  • Financial planning
  • Incorporation services
  • Tax planning
  • Wealth management

Jim and Nancy Haskins (both CPAs) run the firm together. They provide the construction accounting services that Houston contractors need for growth.

4. Hudgens CPA PLLC

Hudgens | Construction Accountants in TexasTexas location: 9119 Emmott Rd, Houston, Texas 77040

Many construction business owners don’t have the time or resources to stay on top of their finances. As a result, they don’t make as much money as they could, or worse, don’t earn at all!

The Hudgens CPA firm is a Houston-based construction accountant that’s here to change that. No matter which type of work you do—home building, painting, local trade, or commercial construction—Hudgens has the secret sauce that keeps you well in the green.

Among their many services, they offer:

  • Fixed asset accounting and depreciation
  • Cash flow and balance tracking
  • Ledger maintenance
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations

Along with that, you can rely on Hudgens to create an airtight financial plan that will ensure the improvements they make stay working for you.

5. Ronnie L. Darden, CPA

Ronnie L Darden CPA | Construction Accountants in TexasTexas location: 11811 North Fwy, Suite #500, Houston, TX 77060

Ronnie L. Darden is a construction accountant in Texas with experience working for a variety of companies within the construction industry. This allows them to adapt the best construction accounting practices to your specific niche, whether it be HVAC, electrical work, real estate, plumbing, construction management, or home building.

Their services are perfect for small to medium sized construction businesses that are looking to remain strong throughout the year, whether the market is up or down. Some of the ways they help improve your bottom line include:

  • Small business accounting
  • Business loan assistance
  • Cash flow and balance tracking
  • QuickBooks services

6. Sanderson & Scheffer, PLLC

Sandersen & Scheffer | Construction Accountants in TexasTexas location: 12603 Southwest Freeway, Suite 165, Stafford, TX, 77477

Sanderson & Scheffer, PLLC specializes in the commercial construction industry. After all, they aren’t consistently recommended by the top members of the financial and surety bonding community for no reason.

Sanderson & Scheffer will make a difference in your business’s financial outlook by offering you the following construction accounting services:

  • Managing change orders and closeouts
  • Assisting with project bidding and estimating
  • Tax planning and filing
  • Conducting cost segregation studies

7. Sol Schwartz & Associates, PC

Sol Schwartz & Associates PC | Construction Accountants in TexasTexas location: 8000 IH-10 West, Suite 1100, San Antonio, TX 78230

State and federal tax laws can complicate a construction companies finances like nothing else. In order to learn the industry from the inside out, the team at Sol Schwartz & Associates actively participate in trade organizations to create networks with San Antonio business owners. This way, they know what their pain points are and how they can adapt their services to better improve their finances.

Sol Schwartz & Associates employs a great number of services to get your construction company back on track. Here are a few:

  • Job profitability planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financing alternatives
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Business succession planning

Joe Rodriguez (CPA) is an audit manager that focuses on accounting for construction companies. Joe says “My objective is to add value to each organization by helping them safeguard their assets or identify areas of risk.” There’s no shortage of risk in construction – especially when it comes to getting paid.

Construction accounting is more than good software

As you can see, there are a great number of high-quality construction accountants in Texas that help construction companies flourish.

For contractors, using a construction accountant allows you to focus on what you do best. An accountant or bookkeeper with construction industry knowledge can take over the burden of monitoring your company’s finances as closely. They can give your business the push it needs to climb to the next level. A construction accountant in Texas will not only understand the special nature of the industry, but also tax considerations for contractors in the state.

Whether you hire an outside accountant or you do the work yourself, organization and accuracy is important. Whoever is managing your books, generating financial reports, and keeping your cash flowing should understand the best practices for construction accounting.

Good accounting for contractors requires more than bookkeeping software. A construction accountant can give you insights into where your cash is going – from year-to-year and project-to-project.

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