Because construction law in Texas is complicated when compared to other states, getting paid on construction projects in Texas can be quite the chore. Texas’s confusing mechanics lien deadlines, monthly notice scheme, strict lien waiver requirements, tangled rules for bond claims, special laws for homesteads, and other unique laws throw countless contractors for a loop.

If you need help with construction payment in Texas, you’re in the right place. This page compiles all the articles about Texas construction law written by payment experts at Levelset. You can find everything from simple guides to Texas notices and mechanics liens to beefy legal updates that keep you in the loop for all the latest developments in Texas construction law.

If you can’t find an article that answers your question, you can ask a question for free at the Expert Center. The Expert Center connects construction attorneys and payment professionals to contractors in a Q&A format, allowing you to receive expert advice from thought leaders in the industry. Alternatively, check out our Construction Payment Resources page for Texas, where you can find all the documents you’d need for a project along with helpful links, information, and answers from construction attorneys.

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