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Missouri Mechanics Lien and Notice Fact Sheet

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Missouri Mechanics Lien and Notice Fact Sheet

Mechanics lien rights and construction notice requirements differ greatly from state to state, and Missouri is no exception.

If you are working on a construction project in Missouri, make sure to download this free one page fact sheet. It explains who can file a mechanics lien on private construction projects in Missouri and how to secure your right to file a lien.

missouri mechanics lien and preliminary noticeGet answers to these questions about the construction payment process, as well as many others:

  • Who can file a mechanics lien in Missouri?
  • Is a preliminary notice required?
  • When is the notice deadline?
  • Who should receive notice?
  • How do you send your notice?

This free download includes a preliminary notice template and a proof of service template, so you can start getting what you’ve earned quickly and easily.