Photo of painting contractors working on the side of a building with Top 10 label

Painting contractors do so much more than just paint: These contractors often have experience with protective coatings and sealants, abrasion and blasting, and site preparation as well as with standard painting, and many also provide services in emergency protection such as waterproofing and fireproofing.

In a time when a lot of contractors are struggling, these companies have put in serious work within the painting sector. In fact, this year some of them even rocketed their way past others to join Engineering News Report’s (ENR) list of the top 20 painting contractors after being previously unranked. Let’s look at the top 10 largest painting contractors in the U.S. in 2022.

RankCompanyRevenuePrevious Rank
1BrandSafway$337.8 million1 (-)
2ASRC Industrial$166.2 million2 (-)
3Champion Painting Specialty Services Corp.$131.3 million6 (+3)
4Cherry Coatings$72 millionUnranked
5Graydaze Contracting Inc.$66 million4 (-1)
6Ascher Brothers Co. Inc.$51.6 million3 (-3)
7Thomas Industrial Coatings Inc$47.7 million9 (+2)
8Thomarios$42.3 million12 (+4)
9Harrison Contracting Co.$41.5 million7 (-2)
10Hartman Walsh Industrial Services$41.1 millionUnranked

1. BrandSafway

2020 revenue: $337.8 million

Previous rank: 1

Kennesaw, Georgia’s BrandSafway is a contractor that works in the industrial, commercial, and infrastructure sectors. The company is one of the largest specialty contractors in the United States, working as both a concrete and painting contractor. Alongside their position at the top of the nation’s biggest painting contractors, BrandSafway was listed as the 6th biggest concrete contractor and 4th overall biggest specialty contractor in the U.S. by ENR.

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The company’s painting wing focuses on industrial coating services, working most often on oil and gas, power generation, commercial construction, and civil infrastructure projects. 

BrandSafway has an average payment history in the past year, scoring 71 out of 100 possible points on the way to a C payment score from Levelset.

Some of BrandSafway’s largest recent projects in industrial coating include:

2. ASRC Industrial

2020 revenue: $166.2 million

Previous rank: 2

Contracting group ASRC Industrial is a collection of companies that offer services in maintenance, mechanical, demolition, engineering, and other specialty services. A number of the group’s affiliate companies offer painting services, with work available in industrial coatings, inspection, marine coatings, shop coatings, tank linings and coatings, and specialty coatings.

ASRC Industrial’s reach in the industry goes a long way, as well, with the group being recognized as the 35th-largest specialty contractor of any kind in the country along with its rank as a painting contractor. This reach also provides for its affiliates to be able to work in a large geographical range, with services offered across the United States.

Some of the group’s affiliate companies in the painting and coating sector include D. Zelinsky & Sons, F.D. Thomas, and US Coatings.

3. Champion Painting Specialty Services Corp.

2020 revenue: $131.3 million

Previous rank: 6

Champion Painting Specialty Services is a painting contractor based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Alongside providing services in coatings, the company also provides work in facility access and other specialty services such as insulation, penetration seals, roofing, and siding.

In its focus on coatings, the company works with corrosion control, commercial painting, fireproofing, high-performance coatings, and tank linings, having performed its work on infrastructure, marine, military, nuclear, and facilities projects.

The company has an average recent history with payment, earning a C payment score from Levelset with a 75 out of 100.

Some of Champion Painting’s recent projects include:

4. Cherry Coatings

2020 revenue: $72 million

Previous rank: Unranked

Cherry Coatings is a Texas-based company that works in new construction painting, industrial flooring, and maintenance coating services. The company works in commercial and industrial environments providing coatings to both exteriors and interiors, with experience working on data centers, hospitality, healthcare, education, entertainment, and industrial projects.

The company is also quickly expanding, now with over 1,000 employees after having opened offices in Nashville, TN, San Antonio, TX, Phoenix, AZ, and Raleigh, NC in the past two years. This is especially apparent with their status as a newcomer to ENR’s list of top painting contractors, as it was able to jump from its unranked status outside the top 20 all the way up to number four.

In recent history, the company has had an average payment history — it received a C payment score from Levelset with 71 out of 100 possible points.

Some of Cherry Coatings’ recent projects include: 

5. Graydaze Contracting Inc.

2020 revenue: $66 million

Previous rank: 4

Graydaze Contracting is a specialty contractor working in painting and coatings, sealant installation, maintenance and repainting, and industrial repainting.

The company also has a background in both the east and west of the country, with its main headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia, and a Western HQ in West Valley City, Utah. The company also notes that it’s licensed in 44 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands, with projects delivered all over the United States.

Graydaze has a solid payment history recently: The company received a B payment score from Levelset, earning an 83 out of 100 and placing in the top 50% of medium-size contractors.

6. Ascher Brothers Co. Inc.

2020 revenue: $51.6 million

Previous rank: 3

Ascher Brothers Co. is a Chicago-based company whose work is centered in the Midwest. The company offers services in renovation, new construction, exterior painting, maintenance, and other specialty services.

The company has an average recent payment history, earning a C payment score from Levelset with a 75 out of 100.

Ascher Brothers works on projects in a number of sectors, such as education, hospitality, industrial, medical, and residential. Some of the company’s largest recent projects include:

7. Thomas Industrial Coatings Inc.

2020 revenue: $47.7 million

Previous rank: 9

Missouri-based Thomas Industrial Coatings is a painting contractor that works in a number of industrial and infrastructure sectors. The company has a local focus, with offices in Pevely and Kansas City, Missouri, and offers a large range of surface treatments, from preparation to coatings, blasting, stripping, and fireproofing, among other services.

The company has an average payment history, as it earned 75 out of 100 possible points en route to a C payment score from Levelset over the past year.

Primarily, the company offers work with pipelines, bridges, commercial buildings, dams, marine structures, power and utilities, storage tanks, and wastewater treatment. Some of Thomas Industrial Coatings’ recent projects include:

8. Thomarios

2020 revenue: $42.3 million

Previous rank: 12

Thomarios is a contractor that works in construction and coating in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern regions of the U.S., with locations in Akron, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The company offers work in coatings (including powder coating), construction, flooring, and other specialty services, with a discrete department focused on each. Thomarios’ coatings group has worked with a number of industries, including aerospace, automotive, biotech, government, military, and retail, among others.

Some of Thomarios’ recent projects include:

9. Harrison Contracting Co.

2020 revenue: $41.5 million

Previous rank: 7

Harrison Contracting is a painting contractor that offers services in re-imaging and repainting, new construction, and facility maintenance. Some of the company’s main industries of service include hospitality, healthcare, multi-family, industrial, and government.

The company has a solid reach across the South, too, with offices in Florida (Destin, Tampa, Orlando), Georgia (Atlanta, Savannah), and Texas (Dallas).

Harrison Contracting has had an excellent payment history in the past year; the company earned a 95 out of 100 from Levelset, resulting in an A payment score.

10. Hartman Walsh Industrial Services

2020 revenue: $41.1 million

Previous rank: Unranked

Hartman Walsh Industrial is a St. Louis, Missouri-based contractor that works in a number of industrial construction and maintenance services. The company is another major riser on this list, moving into the 10th spot after being unranked in ENR’s last list of top specialty contractors.

In the painting sector, the company offers services in industrial coatings and linings, plural component coatings and linings, fireproofing, abrasion, paint removal, corrosion protection, and maintenance.

The company has an average Levelset payment score, receiving a C and a 75 out of 100.

Despite their basis in Missouri and a small number of locations when compared to other companies on this list, Hartman Walsh works around the country. Some of its largest recent projects include: