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Which of the Proposed Infrastructure Projects Will Be Sending Jobs to Your State?

The Trump Administration’s list of 50 priority infrastructure projects was recently obtained by McClatchy’s News Service and the numbers are….well, they’re big. Titled “Emergency & National Security Projects” by the Trump Administration, it includes some cost estimates and job impact numbers, including:

  • Total Investment: $137.5 Billion
  • Jobs:
  • Direct: 193,350 job years*

  • Indirect (est): 241,700 job years*
    *note: a “job year” means 1 job for 12 months. If that same job continues for another 12 months, then it counts as 2 job years and so on.

More Than Just a Wall

One of the most surprising things about the list was something that is didn’t include: Trump’s signature campaign promise – which he affirmed just this week – to build a wall along the length of the U.S.’s southern border with Mexico. However, some are reporting that the biggest benefactors of the wall’s construction will actually be Mexican construction firms. Politics and press coverage aside, it will be interesting to see how the wall eventually impacts the construction industry.  

Winners and Losers

While it’s still unclear at this point how many of these projects will happen and to what scale, there are some early winners and losers contained in the list.



      • The States That Got Left Out
        It needs to be stressed that this is all still very preliminary, but if the proposed list becomes a reality, there are a several states that will be clear losers when it comes to claiming their share of the potential windfall. Alabama, Kentucky, and Indiana have no projects listed at all. Same for several midwestern states – Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota are all left out. It’ll be interesting to see how this all unfolds.


There has been much written about how divisive the presidential election was, but one thing that everyone seemed to agree with was the issue that America needs to spend more on its infrastructure. A lot more.  Think your business might benefit from all this public construction? Learn how to protect yourself financially by managing your bond claim rights with levelset. We also have a ton of helpful information available on public construction projects and the extremely important Miller Act and Little Miller Act.

Coming Up:

We’re going to continue keeping an eye on the infrastructure space and will continue to publish articles on how this influx of infrastructure spending will affect construction companies across the country, and what it means for you. We’ll include topics such as Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects, the Miller Act and Little Miller Act, news about specific projects and overall infrastructure trends and issues, even tips and insight on how to grab your share of this spending.

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