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New Orleans’ City Business Magazine published an AP article on their website announcing that the US Army Corps of Engineers will spend $22 million on Louisiana river and port work. That’s great news for Louisiana contractors and suppliers, and for those landing some of that work, it’s important to recognize that the Federal Miller Act will apply to the projects.

The actual work here is quite some time in the future, but I thought the news article presented a good opportunity to make an example of the type of work that is subjected to the Miller Act.  Generally speaking, the Miller Act applies to federal construction projects.  More specifically, virtually anytime you’re working on a project coordinated or commissioned by the US Army Corps of Engineers, you’re working on a federal project governed by the Miller Act.

We wrote a popular article here on the Construction Payment Blog titled 5 Things To Know About The Miller Act. This article is worth a read if you’re doing any federal work, or need to know more about the Miller Act.

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