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Can I file a mechanics lean?

CaliforniaMiller Act

I missed my 20 day preliminary notice deadline. The job was done mid August.

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Oct 28, 2022
More information is needed to answer this question. Is this a public works project or a private project? There are different preliminary notice requirements depending on the type of project. Are you in direct contract with the owner? If not, are you in direct contract with the prime contractor who is in contract with the owner? If a 20 day preliminary notice is needed, it should be served within 20 days of your commencement of your work. It can be served later, however, but the mechanics lien will only be valid as to the work performed from twenty days prior to the date of service of the preliminary notice.
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Oct 30, 2022
If no lien letter was served. Can the materials company still come asking for payment on a home? The solar company we hired disappeared and we are unsure if they paid the subcontractor and for materials from CED. Never got served a lien letter. Project finished in September 2022
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