How Successful Electrical Subs & Suppliers Manage Lien Rights & Receivables

Are you an electrical sub or supplier trying to scale your business, but constantly running into the challenges that come with high job volume, progress billing, and projects with lots of stakeholders? Speeding up your payment collection time by managing your lien rights could be your ticket to growth, but adding another process to your plate probably sounds impossible. 

Good news! We’ve found that if you have the right process in place, staying on top of lien rights and payments is a breeze. We can help get you there.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how leading electrical subcontractors and suppliers are using Levelset to protect their lien rights efficiently, get paid faster, and grow their businesses.

You’ll discover:

  • Payment collection solutions for electrical contractors
  • How to process lien rights paperwork at scale
  • What it looks like to switch from a notice service to a full lien rights platform



45 minutes

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