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Preliminary Notices – Best Practices

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Preliminary Notices – Best Practices

Preliminary notices are perhaps the most important documents for ensuring smooth payment in the construction industry, but they are often misunderstood. Known by a variety of names, like “notice to owner”, “20-day notice”, and even “pre lien”, preliminary notices are used to let everyone on the project know that you are part of the project and will need to be paid. This visibility document is useful in speeding up payments and essential for retaining your right to file a lien if the job goes south. Best Practices Preliminary Notices

In many states, notices are required by law, and specific language must be in line with the states lien law statutes. Levelset has compliant free templates for every state’s notice requirements.

This download provides an in-depth explanation of notices and a guide to best practices.

Our guide explains the benefits of notices for owners, GCs, subs, sub-subs, and suppliers. Regardless of party or job type, preliminary notices are designed to help you get smoother and faster payments.

Download the free guide and become an expert on these essential construction payment documents.