Photo of 2 sheet metal workers holding a sheet of metal with "top 10" label

Many regions in the United States continue to see exponential growth in residential and commercial development. As with other building materials, the demand for solid sheet metal manufacturing is skyrocketing. 

As urbanization swells in several pockets of the country, and as pandemic-induced supply chain struggles continue, the growing need for reliable sheet metal suppliers holds steady.

This dive into the world of sheet metal contractors examines which companies have made it to the ranks of the 10 highest-earners.

RankCompanyRevenuePrevious Rank
1Flynn Group$248.1 million1 (-)
2MMC Contractors Inc.$126.7 million2 (-)
3Crown Corr Inc.$112.8 million4 (+1)
4Poynter Sheet Metal$108.1 million6 (+2)
5Rock Hill Mechanical Corporation$82.1 million5 (-)
6MG McGrath Inc.$70.7 million7 (-)
7RK Industries LLC$64.6 million8 (+1)
8Bonland Industries Inc.$55.4 million9 (+1)
9Dee Cramer Inc.$54.8 million11 (+2)
10McKamish Inc.$51.4 million15 (+5)

1. Flynn Group

Total revenue: $248.1 million

Previous year’s rank: 1

Flynn Group, a subcontractor founded in Canada, calls itself a “total building envelope.” With over 30 locations across the United States and over 6,000 employees, the company has a massive reach providing a vast range of services. 

The group has teamed up with a variety of specialty contractors to offer roofing, metal paneling, contract grazing, and curtain wall work and specializes in green initiatives to spread a message, stating that they’re “always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability.”

Flynn Group completes work in almost every sector: sports and recreation, government, houses of worship, commercial, retail, industrial, and many more.

Although Flynn has a B payment score from Levelset, earning 81 points out of 100 possible, there have been some instances of slow payment in the past 12 months. The company does, however, stand in the top 45% of large companies when it comes to their overall project and payment history.

Some of the company’s notable projects include:

2. MMC Contractors Inc.

Total revenue: $126.7 million

Previous year’s rank: 2

MMC Contractors is a national mechanical contractor that completes projects in sectors such as industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical, energy, healthcare, and more. The company’s specialties include turbine installation, sheet metal, process piping, and precision equipment installation.

While MMC has locations throughout North America, its sheet metal capabilities are currently limited to Omaha and Las Vegas. 

The company promotes their ever-growing Safety Program, which fine tunes the fundamental safety practices MMC strives for.

MMC’s Levelset payment score comes in at 77 out of 100, earning a C. Despite an average score, 99% of subs and vendors have reported being paid on time. 

Some of MMC’s recent projects include:

3. Crown Corr Inc.

Total revenue: $112.8 million

Previous year’s rank: 4

Crown Corr, a contractor based in Gary, Indiana, prides itself in having over 60 years of experience and claims to “lead the industry in unitized curtain wall, metal panels, and custom metal roof building enclosure systems.” Its 16 locations complete projects in the residential, retail, sports, transportation, aviation, and institutional sectors.

Boasting several prestigious awards for their construction for healthcare and industrial structures, Crown Corr’s work can be seen all over the United States.

The company’s Levelset payment score is average, earning a C with 75 points out of 100 possible. However, there have been no reported incidents of slow payment in the last year.

Major projects include:

4. Poynter Sheet Metal

Total revenue: $108.1 million

Previous year’s rank: 6

Self-proclaimed “experts in metal,” Poynter Sheet Metal’s expertise lies in “seamless installations for industrial, manufacturing, life sciences, research and development, healthcare, power/energy, and education markets.” Its main office is in Greenwood, Indiana, and the company currently has four other locations in the midwest.

Primarily focused on sheet metal, the company’s ventures into diverse sectors gives it a broader foundation in the contracting industry. It also advertises its state-of-the-art equipment that aids in “laser cutting, bending, rolling, welding, passivation, and finishing.” 

Poynter’s Levelset payment score currently stands at 75 out of 100, which is a C.

Some of the company’s major projects include:

5. Rock Hill Mechanical Corporation

Total revenue: $82.1 million

Previous year’s rank: 5

Staying true to its most recent ranking, Rock Hill Mechanical Corporation has demonstrated consistency for yet another year. With a limited footprint of only two locations in Missouri, the company has nevertheless found innovative ways to expand its reach and offer solid services. 

The group’s capabilities include sheet metal construction and repair, as well as piping fabrication and modularization. It serves industries like healthcare, industrial, and institutional, with the majority of its recent projects focusing on hospital and healthcare campuses as well as educational facilities. 

Rock Hill’s payment score from Levelset is fair, earning a C, which is tempered by the fact that there are no negative reports of slow payment in the last year.

Some of Rock Hill’s previous projects include:

6. MG McGrath Inc.

Total revenue: $70.7 million

Previous year’s rank: 7

Moving up on the ladder this year is MG McGrath Inc., a Minnesota-based subcontractor specializing in metals and glass. Boasting an extensive list of services, the company has created a niche for itself and has built its brand around the idea of craftsmanship and aesthetics. 

MG McGrath provides services in almost every industry and stresses the importance of diversity, stating that it recognizes the best results “come from people with different backgrounds, new perspectives, and open minds, which is why we continuously pursue diversity in our workforce, markets, and services.”

The company’s Levelset payment score is moderate, earning a C at 75 points out of 100 possible, with no reported incidents of slow payment. MG McGrath has consistently received creditable awards for their reliable work in the construction industry. 

Major projects include:

7. RK Industries LLC

Total revenue: $64.6 million

Previous year’s rank: 8

RK Industries LLC, a contractor headquartered in Colorado, specializes in steel fabrication and installation, mechanical and electrical construction, and water solutions. Its seven locations are located throughout New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. 

The group’s mission for delivering high-quality construction services is to conduct “upfront planning and start-to-finish services” which help to “reduce project risks, while providing each customer with consistently high quality solutions.” Its specialization in customer service and communication have earned it a consistent spot in the top ten list of sheet metal companies over the past few years.

RK Industries has a C Levelset payment score grade, with 75 out of 100 points. There are no reported incidents of slow payment in the past 12 months.

Some of its recent projects include:

8. Bonland Industries Inc.

Total revenue: $55.4 million

Previous year’s rank: 9

Bonland Industries Inc. is a contractor located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Though its firms are limited to the northeast United States, the group has managed to offer a broad range of services, ranging from the residential, hospitality, data centers, entertainment, education, office, healthcare, retail, and pharmaceutical sectors. 

Bonland shares affiliations with multiple other contractors, broadening the scope of its reach. The company claims to have “never failed to complete a project.” With most of its endeavors involving sheet metal fabrication services and HVAC installation, the group stresses the importance of safety throughout the entire building process. 

Earning a 75 out of 100 or C as a Levelset payment score, Bonland has an acceptable history when it comes to payments. 

Some of the company’s major projects include:

9. Dee Cramer Inc.

Total revenue: $54.8 million

Previous year’s rank: 11

Dee Cramer, a full service HVAC/sheet metal construction and service company, is located in Holly, Michigan. Though currently settled in one state, the contractor has a broad range of completed projects in their portfolio, including buildings from the automotive, industrial, commercial, hospitality, science, higher education, and healthcare industries.

A few of the services the company offers are engineering, CAD coordination and design, 4D CAD and BIM, automated HVAC sheet metal fabrication, maintenance, and field installation. 

Dee Cramer’s Levelset payment score is an average 75 out of 100 possible points.

Some of the company’s most recent projects include:

10. McKamish Inc.

Total revenue: $51.4 million

Previous year’s rank: 15

McKamish Inc. is a “full-service mechanical construction company specializing in HVAC, plumbing, piping, metal fabrication, and more.” The group advertises its forty-year history of consistent construction output, strong customer service skills, and expertise in providing specific mechanical construction, with one location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A few of the several markets McKamish conducts construction in include the healthcare, education, commercial, research, government, industrial, manufacturing, and public safety sectors. 

With a Levelset payment score of 75 out of 100, the company has earned itself a decent C average. Additionally, there are no reported incidents of late payment when it comes to the group’s construction jobs.

Some of McKamish’s major projects include: