Close-up photo of a mason laying fresh bricks on a wall with a "Top 10" label

As it has for thousands of years, masonry remains one of the most foundational elements of the construction industry. 

Any building intended to be long-lasting requires a top-notch masonry provider. While most of the contractors listed below have held steady in previous years, Engineering News Report’s most recent data notes some movement in the rankings. 

With a consistent dedication to the craft, these 10 companies have proven their ability to provide quality masonry services. 

RankCompanyRevenuePrevious Rank
1Sun Valley Masonry Inc.$93 million1
2Northland Concrete & Masonry Co. LLC$75.2 million3 (+1)
3Telligent Masonry$64.2 million6 (+3)
4IMS Masonry Inc.$64.1 million4
5J&E Companies$55 million5
6John J. Smith Masonry$58.8 million10 (+4)
7Seedorff Masonry$34.6 million8 (+1)
8Mid-Continental Restoration Co. Inc.$32.6 million9 (+1)
9Otto Baum Co. Inc.$31.4 million7 (-2)
10Brodie Contractors Inc. $27.5 million11 (+1)

1. Sun Valley Masonry Inc.

2021 revenue: $93 million

Previous rank: 1

Holding steady in its first-place ranking in Engineering News Report, Sun Valley Masonry Inc. is a masonry and concrete contractor with locations in Arizona and Oklahoma. The company offers a variety of services, such as brick, block, tile, adhered stone, concrete foundations, and tilt panel construction, among others.

Sun Valley has experience in sectors such as education, hospitality, commercial, healthcare, residential, municipal, houses of worship, and sports venues.

Marketing its professionalism and reliability for over 35 years, Sun Valley Masonry advertises its use of “the most proactive training and communication tools to ensure a safe site on every project.” 

Some of the company’s major projects include: 

2. Northland Concrete & Masonry Co. LLC

2021 revenue: $75.2 million

Previous rank: 3

Northland Concrete & Masonry Co. LLC is a concrete and masonry contractor based in Shakopee, Minnesota. The company has broad experience in masonry, concrete construction, BIM modeling, green building, and more.

Though only established in one state, the company has spent over 40 years earning plentiful awards and recognition for its work in sectors like education, healthcare, industrial, and office, among others. Northland places a premium on sustainable design and employs LEED® Accredited Professionals to ensure compliance and best practices.

The company has a large portfolio, featuring the following major projects:

3. Telligent Masonry

2021 revenue: $64.2 million

Previous rank: 6

Telligent Masonry is a Maryland-based masonry contractor specializing in masonry construction, air/vapor barriers, and restoration services. 

A self-proclaimed “leader in the masonry construction industry,” the company has developed a huge reach throughout the nation. Its scope consists primarily of projects for public and private institutions, government facilities, retail establishments, resorts, and apartment/condominium complexes. 

Though considered a small company, Telligent Masonry has dominated the east coast, constructing for high-profile clients. Some of these projects include:

4. IMS Masonry Inc.

2021 revenue: $64.1 million

Previous rank: 4

Leveraging its expansive size as one of its most consistent strengths, IMS Masonry Inc. is a masonry contractor providing services such as traditional masonry, insulated concrete forms, paving, flooring, and precast facades. 

While marketed as “one of the largest masonry contractors in the Western United States,” IMS Masonry Inc. has spread nationwide, building structures in over 25 states. The company has a huge portfolio, featuring projects from a wide range of sectors.

IMS Masonry Inc. markets itself as completing “some of the largest and most technical masonry projects anywhere in the nation all while logging over 1.5 million man hours without a safety incident.”

Some of the group’s projects include:

5. J&E Companies

2021 revenue: $55 million

Previous rank: 5

J&E Companies dropped three rungs in Engineering News Report’s revenue ranking ladder this year, but is still a heavy-hitter — especially for working primarily in a single state. J&E calls itself one of the most respected specialty subcontractors in Texas. Its areas of expertise lie in masonry, drywall, plaster/stucco, and waterproofing, among others.

The company markets its ability to provide services in industries like healthcare, hospitality, industrial, education, houses of worship, office, and government. Its reach mainly covers the entirety of Texas, with projects completed in cities such as Arlington, Dallas, Roanoke, and Forth Worth. J&E Companies has left its mark on some of the most recognizable buildings in the state, including Texas Live! and UT Southwestern William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital.

Since its founding in 1995, J&E Companies has successfully worked on over 1,000 projects thanks to its network of 1,100 employees. 

Some of the company’s major projects include:

6. John J. Smith Masonry 

2021 revenue: $35.1 million

Previous rank: 10

John J. Smith Masonry is a St. Louis-based contractor that works in the commercial and institutional sectors. The company’s experience ranges from brick, block, and stone to landscaping and hardscaping work. 

Headquartered in Missouri, John J. Smith serves a huge portion of the midwest. Calling itself an elite masonry company, the business markets its craftsmen for having “earned several awards for their skill and dedication,” and prides itself on fostering “the knowledge base, experience and ability to continue to create wonderful landscaped and hard-scaped projects that people can be proud of.”

Some of the company’s major projects include:

7. Seedorff Masonry

2021 revenue: $34.6 million

Previous rank: 8

Calling itself a “full-service masonry construction company,” Seedorff Masonry has experience offering services in both preconstruction and construction, as well as continuing education.

The company emphasizes its steady growth since its founding over 60 years ago. While its scope consists of only two states, Seedorff Masonry’s three offices in Iowa and Nebraska have completed a significant portfolio of projects. 

Seedorff Masonry’s team has introduced a unique addition to the company’s offerings: Seedorff University, a continuing education program designed to expand the knowledge of its business team members.

Currently working primarily in the education sector of construction, some of the company’s projects in-progress include:

8. Mid-Continental Restoration Co. Inc. 

2021 revenue: $32.6 million

Previous rank: 9

Mid-Continental Restoration Co. Inc. is a masonry contractor with over 75 years of experience offering historic restoration and preservation, remedial building repairs and waterproofing, architectural and structural repair, and more. 

With six branches in 11 states, the company has completed notable work on schools, churches, hotels, commercial and civic buildings, and historic structures. Mid-Continental Restoration has an extensive list of services offered, including brick and stone repair, sealant/caulking installation, and masonry cleaning.

Some of the group’s major projects include:

9. Otto Baum Co. Inc.

2021 revenue: $31.4 million

Previous rank: 7

Climbing two ranks in ENR’s data, 85-year-old company Otto Baum Co. Inc. is a masonry contractor serving Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. In addition to its experience in masonry, the company also provides extensive concrete, civil, and restoration services. 

Otto Baum prides itself on its safety practices, claiming its “proactive approach helps assure the safest possible construction.” In fact, the company has spent over a decade earning a sweeping list of awards recognizing its safety programs.

Major projects include:

10. Brodie Contractors Inc.

2021 revenue: $27.5 million

Previous rank: 11

Brodie Contractors Inc. is a North Carolina based general contracting firm that specializes in commercial masonry construction and trucking and hauling.

Jumping into the top ten rankings from its 11th place slot last year, Brodie Contractors’ projects primarily serve the central and eastern regions of North Carolina. The firm has been heavily involved with construction projects on several university campuses within the state, including North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, North Carolina A&T State University and East Carolina University.

Focusing on its brick and commercial masonry unit (CMU)skillsets, Brodie Contractors prides itself in providing a culture of safety for its more than 300 employees. Additionally, the company received the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association in 2017.

Some of the company’s well-known projects include:

  • Central Prison Medical Center, Raleigh, NC
  • Veteran Affairs Fayetteville Health Center, Fayetteville, NC
  • UNCG Student Recreation Center, Greensboro, NC
  • NC State Centennial Student Housing, Raleigh, NC