New Hampshire Construction Payment Monitor

Track and monitor construction payment activity in New Hampshire. On this page you can find newly reported construction projects started, projects completed, and mechanics liens filed with county recorders. All reported projects are either collected from partnerships with county recorders where Levelset has a direct partnership with the government office or from projects submitted in the Levelset platform. See how project starts, completes, and liens filed in New Hampshire have changed this week and for monthly trends. To learn more or collaborate with Levelset on the 1.5+ million construction projects in our system, please email

Projects Started

29 Projects Started in New Hampshire in the last 7 days. This is 132% higher than the previous 7 days.

Projects Completed

57 Projects Completed in New Hampshire in the last 7 days. This is 143% higher than the previous 7 days.

Mechanics Liens

0 Mechanics Liens in New Hampshire in the last 7 days. This is 0% higher than the previous 7 days.

Construction project activity shown on this page are from projects reported in the Levelset platform and with county recorder offices. Levelset has knowledge of 100% of the liens filed in New Hampshire. These are aggregated at the end of each month from partnerships with county recorders so numbers may change due to the timing of Levelset being aware of new liens. Generally, there may be a short delay between a project starting or new lien being filed and when this page aggregates this new activity.

New Hampshire Construction Payment News

See the most recent Construction Financial news in New Hampshire. This is Construction Payment news reported by the Levelset News team. To get in touch, please email

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Biggest Recent Mechanics Liens filed in New Hampshire

Lien filed at 204 Lowell Rd, Hudson, NH 03051

Lien filed on: 09/07/2018

Lien value: $12,750.00

Property Owner:

Hudson Town of

General Contractor:

Structure Tone

Lien filed at MAIN STREET, NEWMARKET, NH 03857

Lien filed on: 02/09/2017

Lien value: $823.64

Property Owner:

Town of Newmarket

Lien filed at Pleasant Warren & Fruit St, Concord, NH 03301

Lien filed on: 07/08/2016

Lien value: $20,500.00

Property Owner:

City of Concord

General Contractor:

Moulison North Corporation

Lien filed at 31 Riviera Rd, Hudson, NH 03051

Lien filed on: 11/06/2013

Lien value: $27,103.27

Property Owner:

Eldridge David Mcneill Mary Ellen

General Contractor:


Lien filed at 586 Nashua St, Milford, NH 03055

Lien filed on: 05/20/2013

Lien value: $8,534.00

Property Owner:

Kimco Realty

North America And Bio Medical Application of New Hampshire

Lien filed at 17 Humphrey Rd, Derry, NH 03038

Lien filed on: 11/01/2012

Lien value: $21,795.00

Property Owner:

Joseph And Nancy Ormond

Lien filed at 25 Railroad St, Milan, NH 03588

Lien filed on: 10/15/2012

Lien value: $1,323.25

Property Owner:

Tiffany Seace

General Contractor:

Hilaire Inspection And Contracting

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