Collection Terms

Collection Services Agreement

You have requested that Express Lien, Inc.dba Levelset (the “Company”), place your project with one of the Company’s collections affiliates. In addition to the Company’s general Terms of Use (or enterprise Terms of Use, as applicable), Privacy Policy, and IP Notice, which are incorporated into these Collection Terms as if reproduced fully herein,and to which you agreed through the use of the Company’s website or services, the following Collection Terms apply.

While the Company’s collections affiliates perform work on accepted projects on a contingent fee basis,which means that you are only obligated to pay a fee when money is paid to you by the debtor on the account/project at issue, once a project has been placed in collections and you’ve agreed to the terms, we cannot remove the project, and you will be responsible for paying the appropriate commission for any amount paid by your debtor. Commission amounts are determined by the amount of money you are owed. You can remove the project from the collector’s control through direct communication with the collections affiliate, but doing so will not eliminate your obligation to pay the collection fee if any amounts are recovered.

The Company is not a collections agency, nor does the Company perform collections efforts on your behalf. The Company works with third party collections affiliates to provide these services. The Company will attempt to place your project with one of the Company’s collections affiliates, but cannot guarantee the placement of your project. The collections affiliates may accept or deny placement of your account for reasons outlined in their own terms and conditions, or for any other reason. By using the Company’s services, and requesting the Company place your project/account with a collections affiliate,you are expressly agreeing that the Company shall not be responsible for (1) any and all information, advising, and opinions of these parties, (2) these parties’ failure to contact or communicate with you, and (3) these parties’ performance (or failure to perform) of duties on your behalf. If you decide to use a third party affiliate service or products,you are responsible for reviewing and understanding the terms and conditions governing any third party affiliate services or products. By using any third party affiliate product or service you are expressly agreeing to be governed by the terms and conditions of those contractors’ services. Again, you expressly accept the risk of loss, damage or non performance by any of these persons. While the Company tries its best to work with reputable parties, it cannot control the actions of these professionals, persons or entities. You hereby expressly agree that the Company shall not be liable in any way,for any amount, in any action of any sort arising out of or related to the performance or non performance of the collections affiliate, or the collections account.

Thank you for requesting placement of your account/project with a Levelset collections affiliate. We are hopeful you get paid.