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The Method for Calculation of Deadlines from limited project data, the Method of Purchasing and Generating Documents from Calculated Deadlines, the System Method of Recognition of Deadline Satisfaction, the Method and System for Ordering Documents, the Method and System to Determine Parties to Receive Documents, the System and Method to Optimize the Mailing of Documents in Batches Based on Deadline Determinations, the System an Method to Use Database Information and/or System-Generated Presumptions to Calculate Document Requirements and Deadlines, the Method and System To Input And Calculate Lien Requirements On A Single Page Dynamic Interface, and the System and Method for Document Assembly with Margin, Page Size, and Font Controls By County and Document are all protected by US Patents Pending.

A system and method for Electronic Document Management with Requesting and Exchange Protocol Based On User Defined Rules, User Selected Status; Status Indications Automatically Generated Based on User and/or Aggregated Data, and/or Rules Based on User Data and/or Aggregated Data has been filed as a provisional patent application.