What is a Nevada Notice of Nonresponsibility?

A Nevada Notice of Nonresponsibility (or Non-Responsibility) is a little understood document. It’s purpose is to protect a property owner or interested party from having liens filed against the property in question for which he does not feel he should be held responsible.

Why File a Notice of Nonresponsibility?

The Nevada lien statute presumes that the furnishing of labor and/or materials for the improvement of a property is done on behalf of the property owner. This means that the parties furnishing labor and/or materials are entitled to a lien against the property for the value of the work they provided.

If the property owner does not want to be held responsible for these improvements, they can file a notice of nonresponsibility which prevents the recording of a valid mechanics lien.

When Would Someone Want to File a Notice of Nonresponsibility?

The most common scenario in which a property owner or other interested party would want to record a notice of nonresponsibility in Nevada involves tenants leasing property from the owner. If a tenant hires a party to improve the rented property, the owner may want to file a notice of nonresponsibility to ensure that he is not held responsible if the tenant neglects to pay the hired party. Because the Nevada lien statute assumes that the property owner is responsible for improvements, the notice of nonresponsibility is available to protect property owners in situations like this one.

How to File a Notice of Nonresponsibility in Nevada?

The notice of nonresponsibility may be filed with the county recorder by the property owner or interested party within three days of obtaining knowledge that the improvements are being made.

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