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What happens after you file a lien? We hope you get paid, and that’s generally the case, but it doesn’t always happen. In the few cases when filing a lien does not result in payment, the next step to recover the money owed is generally filing a law suit to enforce your lien.

So, how long does a mechanics lien last?

Did you know that your lien has an “expiration date”? For each and every lien, there exists a deadline by which you must file a suit to enforce the lien, or the lien may be extinguished.

Knowing your lien enforcement deadline is very important for two reasons: (1) Lien laws are very strict, and the minute your deadline passes, your lien may be extinguished, and recovering payment will become a whole lot harder; and (2) Going to trial is a long and expensive process that is probably the last thing you want to do. Knowing your deadline enables you to attempt receiving payment through channels other than a lawsuit while the lien is still valid.

Deadlines are determined by many factors and can often be tricky to calculate. That’s why we’ve created this easy-to-read infographic. Check it out below to discover when your deadline is.

How Long Does a Mechanics Lien Last?

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