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Roof was installed, homeowner's refinance fell through. Roofing company left holding the bag for 23.000....Read More
ColoradoLien Foreclosure
I am a new president of our condo association and I found that several of the owners in the association are delinquent in their monthly fees to the association. I need to know what steps in Tennessee should be followed to begin a lien on the property to secure our past due fees. Some members just apparently pay no attention to our by laws and ignore the fees. It is placing our association in a financial position that isn't healthy. Where do I begin to try and collect the fees?...Read More
TennesseeLien Foreclosure
Roof repair completed August 6, 2019. Insurance paid 10K and I am billed $9K more. Insurance refuses to disburse balance due. Contractor sent Intent letter to Lien Mobile Home for unpaid bill. Per FL Statute 713, I can withhold monies until Contractor ascertains all people participating on the project have been paid. I sent Certified letter to Contractor asking for a list of subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, suppliers and material-man about 2 months ago. No reply. Yesterday, I sent new Certified letter asking for Contractor's Final Payment Affidavit before I pay final bill to make sure who remain (if any) without pay. Still have not heard from Contractor. Looks to me Contractor wants to file lien without giving me this info. How can I protect myself and properly pay outstanding bill without knowing whom (subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, etc) participated in project, the pay they deserve and if they are paid in full? I need to stop Contractor on its tracks (I am under the impression they probably want to charge me interest charges, like if I am a money printing machine and that's an act of bad faith) and stop further modifications to the filed lien if it goes through. Thank you for your response ...Read More
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A bondsman held a lien against my home for a bond that I paid in full even after the case was resolved and the bond was released by the Court. The bondsman claimed he was owed about $4,000 for "expenses." He opted to enforce the lien, forcing my house into foreclosure. I sold, and, at closing, the bondsman sent a bill for $25,000 to the title company for satisfaction. They said there was nothing I could do, that the lienholder could charge whatever. Can I now sue the lienholder?...Read More
ColoradoLien Foreclosure
We are a subcontractor on the Glendora Public Market project where we filed an intent to foreclose on the private property. We've been notified by our General contractor that the Owner has responded by stating they will be filing a counter suit. We are not sure what that that means for this procedure or what would be our next step in collecting our payment. Our general contractor has made an offer for half of the amount due to close this project. Would like to get advice on whether to proceed or settle??...Read More
CaliforniaLien Foreclosure
I need to enforce a Mechanics' Lien on a property in Sonoma County, California. What are the payment options you offer to enforce a Mechanics' Lien? I am the architect of a single family home. The project was ready for re-submittal and the Owner refused to pay for the work done. The project stopped, Owner's counsel acknowledges that payment from Owner to Architect is due, but wants to give a quarter of what is due. Sent a Notice of Intent to Foreclose through Certified Mail to both Counsel and Owner. A week later I received a note from Counsel that he is no longer representing the Owner. ...Read More
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We have filed a lien with no response. The homeowner owes us 15k ...Read More
IllinoisLien DeadlinesLien Foreclosure
We filed the lien thru Levelset in April 2020 on the Cambria Hotel project in GA. We have gotten paid a good portion since that time, but there is still an outstanding balance that the GC owes us in the amount of $11,400.23. The GC has become nonresponsive. What can be done to collect our remaining balance?...Read More
GeorgiaCollectionsLien ForeclosureRecovery Options
How do I respond when I received a notice from Levelset of a possible lien being placed on my property? ...Read More
ArizonaLien Foreclosure
How do I search for a lein against a propery owner initiaged by the HOA board for his association? ...Read More
OhioLien Foreclosure
Levelset has filed the lien, we need the next legal step taken...Read More
Lien ForeclosureMechanics Lien
I filed a lien with Levelset that was recorded "final form" on September 18, 2020, its dsaays to "enforce your claim" on 11/30/20, what do I do next?...Read More
Lien ForeclosureMechanics Lien
I am a contractor working on personal property construction projects. We filed a lien, then within 90 days filed the intent to foreclose and enforce and then a lawsuit. 1. Our attorney says the lawsuit needed to be filed within the same 90 day period and because it was not (it was about 30 days later), the lien is no longer valid and we should file a release on the lien to avoid other court charges if the client is able to have lien released in court. Is this accurate? 2. I have been told that we can refile the lien... is this true and how soon after filing the release? 3. Can you refer an attorney in our area that better understands liens, filings and can file law suits for us?...Read More
CaliforniaLien DeadlinesLien ForeclosureMechanics Lien
I filed a mechanical lien, and the house has sold. I thought a house cannot be sold with a lien on it. ...Read More
TexasLawsuitLien Foreclosure
I have just learned we have a limited amount of time to file suit. We need to proceed, what are my options and who wants to work with us?...Read More
Rhode IslandLien Foreclosure