Levelset, A Procore Company. Build trust by presenting webinars and online CLEs with us. Learn more. Virtual CLEs and the marketing benefits of teaching.

There are many ways to build your professional reputation as an attorney. Previously we covered social media as a way to grow your audience in the legal field. Another form of cost effective marketing is presenting webinars and virtual CLEs. 

CLEs for Nonlawyers

Continuing legal education classes don’t just benefit your fellow attorneys, they can also attract potential clients. In cities all over the country, lawyers offer in-person legal seminars and workshops. These classes help educate the public about their rights and provide tips for navigating certain legal issues. This not only helps the community by increasing legal literacy and awareness, but also builds public trust in the attorneys who provide these educational services. 

Business owners wanting to improve their legal literacy so as to improve the success of their business often attend CLEs. Even at bar association conferences, you can find nonlawyers auditing these courses for their own professional development. Today CLEs are not limited to conference halls in convention centers. Now many websites, such as Levelset, offer online CLEs. 

Virtual CLEs Are Practical

The most inexpensive strategy to reach a wide online audience is through webinars like virtual CLEs. You can create and promote webinars using much fewer financial resources and in much less time than in-person events. Also, unlike live events, a recorded online course can be taken at any time and re-watched over and over again. 

Live webinar attendees are truly invested in what you’re presenting and are more likely to convert into clients. When the chosen topic is both challenging and engaging, more people sign up. This is why online classes, such as virtual CLEs, attract leads that are more reliable than other marketing techniques. 

Your Personal Professional Development

In addition to being an economical way to market your law firm’s knowledge and build public trust, teaching can also help your personal professional development. Many people, even lawyers, are nervous about public speaking. However, teaching a class is a great way to build your public speaking confidence. 

Virtual CLEs offer an opportunity to practice your public speaking and presentation skills without pushing yourself too far out of your comfort zone. Speaking to a camera from the comfort of your own office can feel less high-stakes than speaking in front of a full conference hall. As you grow your confidence and your audience through online presentations, you can prepare yourself for in-person engagements. 

Start Teaching Virtual CLEs

For busy attorneys, starting your own YouTube channel or hosting webinars on your law firm website may be too strenuous. However, teaching webinars and virtual CLEs is very easy with a third party like Levelset. We handle all the promotion, registration, recording, and hosting of the lecture. All that Levelset Attorney Community members have to do to have a successful webinar is prepare their slides and speech, and hop on Zoom like you would for any conference call. 

If you are an attorney looking to grow your practice and would like to be featured in Levelset’s virtual CLEs and webinars, and other content at no cost to your law firm, reach out to us today!