When it comes to seeking legal counsel, many folks conjure up an image of lawyers in a tall glass tower, charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a consultation. However, the landscape of the legal world has been changing for the last couple decades. 

These days, more and more lawyers are offering free consultations as a means to bring in business. Others may feel that giving away legal counsel for free is counterproductive or even devaluing to their expertise. 

As more business and advertising transitions online, many construction lawyers are using platforms like the Levelset Community to engage directly with potential clients. 

The Value of Legal Counsel

In the construction industry, laws and processes often differ from state to state. Legal advice can be invaluable to navigating regulations and red tape. The advice of a construction lawyer can even make the difference in getting paid.  

Legal counsel is a valuable commodity. With much often at stake for clients, it’s not surprising that there are protective laws around what constitutes legal advice and who can give it. Lawyers spend years of schooling and regular training throughout their careers to ensure that they are qualified and up-to-date on their acumen.

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If it’s such a commodity, why shouldn’t it have a price tag?

The Advantages of Giving Free Advice

The simple answer to the question posed here is that giving legal counsel for free can be beneficial, in moderation. A free consultation offers an opportunity to establish a relationship with a potential client, building trust based on good faith. Even if they don’t end up hiring you right away, when they do need legal help later down the line, you’ll have already made the connection. 

Sharing your expertise is a powerful (and cost-effective!) way to demonstrate thought leadership and separate yourself from your peers. Connect directly with potential clients, while demonstrating industry insight and your desire to help. In a competitive marketplace saturated by advertising, it’s a way to get ahead that doesn’t require pay-to-play. 

Pro tip: Use the “80-20 rule.” Answer questions and offer pertinent info. Tell them about the options they have and what you can do for them. Trust that when they need more than answers, these potential clients will remember who was on their side and ready to help. 

Meet Potential Clients Where They Are

You might be thinking, “That sounds great, but if everyone is offering free advice, how will it help me stand out?” It’s true that free consultations are a dime a dozen nowadays, and can be a solid value prop for someone to reach out to you. 

But sharing your expertise shouldn’t stop at the free consultation. Instead of waiting for clients to come to you, the most savvy lawyers are taking their counsel directly to potential clients. 

At Levelset’s Payment Help Center, contractors and construction professionals post legal questions and get them answered for free by construction lawyers in their area. Hundreds of questions are posted every month by people all over the country. We receive great feedback from the lawyers we’ve worked with on the relationships they’ve formed and clients they’ve gained from engaging on our platform. 

Communities like Levelset’s, with an established visitor-base, provide ample opportunities to find and engage potential clients who need legal help now. From lawyers hosting webinars and writing blogs, this type of organic engagement can not only set you apart, but also reduce costs of expensive pay-per-click campaigns or other advertising. 

Pro tip: Other places to meet potential clients where they’re at include popular construction industry blogs, or digital webinars and classes on construction topics.

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