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Integrating Your Systems: The Shortcut to Protecting Your Payments and Saving Time



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Danny Stagliano
Danny Stagliano

As a construction company with a high volume of jobs, you likely need multiple systems to manage your business, but getting them to talk to one another is a complex and difficult task.

That’s why we’re hosting a webinar to talk you through the benefits of choosing a software that offers custom integration solutions to help you:

  • Get better project insights
  • Efficiently organize job information
  • Protect your payments in less time

Speaker 1 (00:02):
My name’s Danny Stagliano. nice Irish boy. No, just kidding. I’m a senior mid-market AE here at Level Set. I’ve been here since 2019, so it’s a long time. I obviously like something about the company, right? I’ve watched hundreds and thousands of suppliers, subs, and contractors and rental equipment companies see success in saving time and reducing risk and getting paid faster on their jobs. So quick overview of Level Set. So those of you who are attending one of our webinars for the first time can understand who we are and what we do. Level sets here to get you paid and make sure collecting that payment is efficient. So our Lean Right Man, Lean Rights Management software helps you track notices and deadlines, verify site information, and manage your paperwork easily so your team can focus on other important parts of their job. So let’s go ahead jump into the actual presentation, little agenda for y’all.

So we’re gonna go over our software solution, just an overview, general jump into data and insights and the power of those going into simplifying your day-to-day processes, so integrations, right? And then the results of that simplification, and then that’s where you get to ask me all of your questions. So let’s get started. So in an industry with known payment problems, managing projects and customer relationships, improving productivity and securing receivables is crucial. These are difficult tasks for credit departments to handle on their own. That’s why technological assistance and software platforms have been developed to really provide clear and tangible benefits. Our receivables monitoring solution for the construction industry should be able to perform several key functions. It should provide easy access to your information, be able to store and intelligently display your data to your team, be able to communicate with other software applications, and monitor and track lean rights and any additional steps needed to protect payment.

Lastly, provide valuable job insights. So why Construction Software Solutions Monitoring receivables is all about getting paid and nothing prompts payment more efficiently than remaining secured in all extensions of credit. So I’m sure y’all know, however, it’s a time consuming process in deciding which technologies to adopt is not that simple. But you’ll be at a huge advantage if your systems integrate with whatever partner you choose. So integrations help you get things done faster. So with a partner like Level Set, getting your job information into the platform will give you valuable data and insights in return and keep you updated on job collections data to ensure your property information is verified for every document that is sent. And project monitoring tools to provide you with credit risk reports, payment histories, and alerts for any payment problems that might be happening on active jobs of yours. So having these insights will ensure that your information is right from the start, which in turn saves you and your team time and prevents potential payment delays down the line.

So Level Set provides the most comprehensive job data in construction to help you achieve better results. Oh, sorry, I accidentally unplugged my H D M I cord. All right, cool. All right, we’re back <laugh>. So by integrating level sets Lean Rights management software, you can minimize the time spent hunting down job information and managing compliance paperwork, receive verified job information for your documents, customize the automation of your notice process, achieve faster payment in turn, and pull all of your systems together to get valuable insights and an organization across those insights and jobs. Having all these manual tasks covered in one Central Cloud based platform is gonna help your team stop wasting time, hunting down job info and filling out paperwork so you can focus on growing your business. So one of our partners is an established spectron user. When they came across Level Set, they have the idea to integrate the two softwares to completely automate their credit and lean processes.

Now job information is established within Tron once and from that point on, both credit and application and the Lean Rights processes are streamlined in only a few months. Pairing Tron and Level Sets functions has already proven to be vital in executing the tasks necessary to successfully meet the steady rise and customer demand at their company. So we can see this quote here at Extreme Growth Rates. There’s a constant battle of being productive enough to keep up with everything. Now that everything is in one system, no one has to deal with excessive data entry and everyone is immediately up to speed. Just one example of how integrations can work for you.

So choosing a system that can work for you and your company’s needs can be tricky, but the benefits are real. Technological platforms not only exist to assist with the construction financial management process as a whole, they also provide specifically targeted and valuable assistance in managing receivables and creating and implementing a thorough payment funnel. Got a water real quick. By integrating your data with a partner like us at Level Set, you’ll be able to have more oversight and better insights. Set up a custom automated process based on your preferences, increase risk protection, improve notice tracking, and avoid any payment delays. And if you have any, have a way to know they’re happening. This goes to show that having a better system in place that can integrate with your data will help you protect your finances and speed up payment so you can get more time back in your day to day.

Once accounts receivables or accounts payables is integrated with level set repeat tasks like ordering notices or preparing Lean waivers can be automated based on your business needs or preferences. Now is that, Yay. Good job, Danny. Thanks guys. Cool. So we have some time for the audience to ask questions as well here. So if you haven’t already, go ahead and type your questions in the chat box below or to the side. I just wanna say thank you for everyone who did attend and as I mentioned before, you’ll receive a recording of this webinar in an email tomorrow. So let’s just wait for those questions to trick on in.

Speaker 2 (07:50):
Awesome, thank you Danny, I have a question that I’ll drop it in the chat too, so there’s a record of it, but I can also read it out loud. So let me just pop it in here real quick. And so a lot of customers kind of run into this question. If updates are made in one of their software systems, will they be automatically reflected within level set through integrations?

Speaker 1 (08:17):
So that’s the beauty of integrations, right, is you’re not needing to double enter everything. So when you are updating your information and your accounting software or your E R P or whatever it is that you’re gonna implement, integrate with Level Set, we’re automatically gonna reflect those in level set as well, so you don’t to save you the time of double entry. Thank you for that question, whoever asked it.

Speaker 2 (08:46):
Perfect. Thank you for answering that. That’s helpful. And another one that’s come up before is regarding insights or reports. I know in the presentation we talked about a few of those data insights that Level Set can give back when you enter a job. So just as an example, can Level Set notify you if there’s been a lien filed on one of their jobs?

Speaker 1 (09:13):
So mobile, that’s the largest construction data conglomerate in the world. So when you work with some of the biggest suppliers and subs in the country, you have a lot of data on those jobs. So on top of that data, we’re also pulling data from county recorders across the country and we’ll even notify our subs and suppliers when there are liens filed on their jobs, intent to liens and tax liens along with bankruptcies. So all that of those insights are gonna be provided to you as a level set user.

Speaker 2 (09:50):
Awesome, thank you. And we’ve got another one here. Is there a way to pull reports from Level Set to show, for example, what documents we’ve sent through the system?

Speaker 1 (10:05):
Yeah, so what we do, so we’re based on aws, so Amazon’s web services platform everything that y’all do through Level Set is going to get archived and saved the cloud. And you can download every single document in a zip file that you’ve ever sent on any job through Level Set with a click of a button. So you won’t, no, no, nothing getting lost in filing Cabinets tell you that much. Thank you for that question. The beauty of Level Set is, well, one of the many beauties I should say, is we’re not gonna shoehorn you into following one process. My team is gonna work with y’all to make sure that notices, reminders, and demand letters are going out on a consistent basis the way that your team wants them to go out. So rather than having a very specific one size fits all process, we’re gonna work with you to make sure that that process is the way that your team wants it to be.

Speaker 2 (11:20):
Awesome. So we’ve covered some good stuff here from customization to reports, insights, things that we can download directly off of the platform. This one gets a little more specific into one of their systems. When it comes to QuickBooks, how does that actually work, the steps for actually syncing it and is that also automatic?

Speaker 1 (11:49):
Yeah, so with regards to the QuickBooks integration it’s really, really solid very easy. It, it’ll happen at the click of a button and depending on if it’s QuickBooks online or desktop it’s either gonna be a consistent data pull into level set or every two and three hours through desktop. So I’m not one of the data guys. So that’s what our team amazing t and o team is for. But you don’t have to be a data person either, or a TNO person. My team’s gonna help make sure it happens and that data’s moved over without much of a hassle.

Speaker 2 (12:33):
Wonderful. So I think we’ve got Monique in here. Monique, if you have any questions left before we wrap here, definitely drop them in the chat or in the q and a box and we’d be happy to talk to you a little more one on one about anything you might wanna know.

Speaker 1 (12:52):
Great. Well I appreciate your time, Monique, and everyone else who gets this recorded webinar and gets a chance to get all the way through it. Wanna mention if you have or if you want more information about how Level Set can help you with sending notices, managing lean rights, or getting insights, we’re happy to provide a customized demo for you and anyone on your team. Just visit the link on the screen right there to request a demo or call and somebody from our team, we’ll follow up with you and you can specifically request me. I wouldn’t blame you if you did, so I’m just plan. But thanks again everyone have a great week.

Speaker 2 (13:35):
Absolutely. Thanks everyone. Thanks Danny.